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May 18

THINKING THURSDAY:Are Women Manipulated By The Media?

THINKING THURSDAY—WHY DOES THE MEDIA WANT TO MANIPULATE WOMEN? In 1913 5,000 women marched into Washington to get their message heard. This was around the time when Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated as America’s new president. Women did not have the right to vote until 1918. Women fought hard to get their message heard and to …

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Apr 23

Thinking Thursday: ASHLEY’S WAR: Are We Empowering Women Sending Them Into Combat?

ashley's war

THINKING THURSDAY—EMPOWERING WOMEN AND ASHLEY’S WAR– Recently having read the book, Ashley’s War, I started thinking about women going onto the battlefield with men, on the ground. Women have not been allowed to go into on the ground combat situations with men until an elite group of women took this first step into an unknown …

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