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Oct 24


Does Glenn get killed in season six of The Walking Dead? Ready to give up on The Walking Dead due the writers killing way too many main characters? We end up pissed off about Walking Dead attempting to move the plot to the next level. I figured I’d give up on watching The Walking Dead’s …

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Dec 14

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday: Norman Reedus: Daryl From the Walking Dead

norman reedus 3

MANSLICE MONDAY—NORMAN REEDUS OR DARYL—- Walking Dead’s Daryl is a good looking guy in a sweaty, swarthy, gross kind of way. He’s an ultra macho motorcycle killing machine in The Walking Dead. He is a modern day cowboy riding in on his motorcycle, shooting walkers with his crossbow, without a trace of fear, or hesitation …

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Nov 23

Manslice Monday: Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Aka Andrew Lincoln

andrew lincoln 3

MANSLICE MONDAY—How to survive a zombie apocalypse—- Andrew Lincoln portrays the self reliant, hero, Rick Grimes and longest living survivor on the seriously popular TV show, The Walking Dead. Lincoln really makes audiences believe he is former cop goes hardy/rational/lives through it all good looking zombie apocalypse survivor Rick Grimes. His character and the dynamic …

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