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Dec 07

GOLD DUST WOMAN: Beautiful Bio Tribute of Stevie Nicks, But TMI!


STEVIE NICKS BIO WRITTEN BY STEPHEN DAVIS is  both good and carries on for far too long about the Goddess of Rock and Roll. With that  said, I have been an adoring Stevie Nicks fan since 1975. When I first listened to Rhiannon, I fell in love with the haunting song about a Welsh Witch. I stayed up late …

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Dec 19

FINALLY FRIDAY: Ten Songs About Ten Women

FINALLY FRIDAY—10 Songs About 10 Women— Here’s something to think about just for some fun; what songs have women’s names in them? There are so many, I couldn’t list them all here. It’s interesting to think about, that most women aren’t writing songs naming guys. But men write songs naming women. Now why is that? …

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