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Apr 11


EAT DELICIOUS BY DENNIS THE PRESCOTT== Eat Delicious is not at all what I thought it would be. Dennis Prescott threw himself into a creative life of cooking and photography several years ago making a life for himself from cooking. It’s so much more than just a cookbook. Dennis Prescott, a Canadian guy who toured …

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Jul 21



MOMZINGA’S TACO TUESDAY—- SUMMER CORN SALSA With ripe, juicy sweet corn being in season right now—during the hottest summer months, it’s time to take advantage of this delicious vegetable. Corn is a summer favorite you can eat all year long. Freeze the extra corn you grew, or bought at the store. Thaw and cook it …

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Mar 17

TACO TUESDAY: Believe It Or Not, Summer is Coming, Enjoy Ella’s Ice Pops


TACO TUESDAY–ELLA’S ICE POPS— After perusing the bestselling book Deliciously Ella, I’m noticing Ella has a major sweet tooth. She used the recipes included in her book to become healthier after enduring a terrible life threatening illness. She was so sick she couldn’t get out of bed, and she wanted to sleep 16 hours a …

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Dec 23

TACO TUESDAY: Cornflake Chicken

corn flake

TACO TUESDAY—-CONCEPT ORGINATED BY MOMZINGA.COM, AKA KATE JOHNS Cornflake chicken is a comfort food in the making. It is rather high in calories due to the butter, but you can use less butter to make it lighter. Cornflake chicken is a very easy meal to make for the entire family. Depending on how many people …

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Mar 04

Momzinga’s Taco Tuesday:Best Meatloaf Ever!


TACO TUESDAY-— BEST RECIPE FOR MEATLOAF The first meal I made when I got married was a traditional meatloaf. I know it sounds boring, right? Not in my book. Meatloaf is one of the best main dishes you can serve your family, (high iron and vitamin content. Over 26 years, I created a better meatloaf …

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