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Jun 30



TACO TUESDAY—PORTABELLA PARMESANA—- ACCORDING TO Julie Piatta, author of The Plantpower Way, a self made vegan who managed to get her husband’s health back, and has four super healthy kids by eating only seriously healthy foods–which she grows and makes at her own home, portabella mushrooms contain potassium which can help lower blood pressure. INGREDIENTS—- …

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Jun 09

Momzinga’s TACO TUESDAY: Plantpower’s Dijon Honey Dressing


TACO TUESDAY—- Use this salad dressing with salad or with just about any other food, such as grilled veggies, potatoes, asparagus, or artichokes. Dijon honey dressing has a spicy, sweet taste that will liven up your day or your night. Honey is a good source of antibiotics—-which is something I recently learned by reading numerous …

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Sep 23

TACO TUESDAY: UNGranola Breakfast/Snack Mix!


Eating healthy foods is a must to have a healthy body and a healthy brain. According to Dr. David Perlmutter, Grain Brain guru, he has me thinking about eating healthier foods, how eating too many carbs and grains ruins your brain, setting you up for early Alzheimer’s. Perusing his Grain Brain cookbook had me thinking …

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