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Oct 20

THINKING THURSDAY: Ten Reasons Not To Vote for Hillary Clinton

THINKING THURSDAY—TEN REASONS TO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON— There are numerous reasons NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton, but at this time I am revealing ten. One of them which I did not list, because I thought it was very apparent, that we do not vote for Hillary Clinton for future generations. To keep …

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Aug 27

THINKING THURSDAY: Ashley Madison Users Got What They Deserved!


THINKING THURSDAY— Ashley Madison site users I am so happy you were outed. First— Do people really think that what they put on the Internet will stay private? Anyone can have access to it. That’s why I do not do any of my banking online. Anybody who has the time, and the resources can hack …

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Jul 28

THE REDEEMERS Should Be a TV Series, Not Just a Book About a Corrupt Southern Town!


The Redeemers is hard to describe in one quick, fast sentence. It’s a complete departure to read The Redeemers. It’s not another romance book—that’s for sure! I am advocating reading The Redeemers. Ace Atkins is a talented skillful writer, weaving a story about Quinn Colson a war veteran who has come back home to a …

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Nov 17

MANSLICE MONDAY: Captain America/Chris Evans


MANSLICE MONDAY—CONCEPT DESIGNED BY MOMZINGA.COM, AKA KATE JOHNS Does Captain America make you feel proud to be an American? Captain America makes me want to meet Chris Evans in person and all I want to do is squeeze one of his arms. He looks soooo muscular, he just does me in. He can star in …

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