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Nov 20

THOR: CHRIS HEMSWORTH:Momzinga’s Manslice Monday!!

CHRIS HEMSWORTH Chris Hemsworth was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. He’s a hot Australian guy, girls. He appeared in many movies including Thor, which is where you may know Chris Hemsworth—at his best. He is a blond haired, blue eyed, good looking guy; perfect for Manslice Monday. I still think his younger brother, Liam …

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May 18


dillon 3

Matt Dillon was sooooo ruggedly, bad boy handsome back in the 1980’s! Mr. Dillon was the star of many movies all through the 1980’s, and was so cute, that’s the only reason I watched these movies; Little Darling, Rumble Fish, My Bodyguard and the best movie ever—The Outsiders. I adored any movie Matt Dillon starred …

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Mar 23

Divergent/Insurgent Star, Theo James: MANSLICE MONDAY


DIVERGENT/INSURGENT STAR THEO JAMES—-MANSLICE MONDAY Did you know that Tobias/Four, the male star of the Divergent series of movies hails from England and that he is 30 years old? This is not the guy I wanted my teen daughter to see making out with her heroine of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series. He looks much older …

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Mar 10


Lowe 3

MANSLICE MONDAY—–WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS Rob Lowe is an unbelievable 50 years old. He sure doesn’t look it—he’s super muscular, ribbed and tan. And he’s married. Too bad, but I’d rather have him a married Rob Lowe than a divorced, sitting on his couch every day watching cable TV Rob Lowe! You may have seen …

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Jan 12

Baltimore Raven’s Joe Flacco: Momzinga’s Manslice Monday!


You have to admit that Joe Flacco is one of the best starting quarterbacks out there right now. He rivals and is as good if not better than Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Debate away, but after seeing his precise accuracy of throwing a football, you will see the sleek athleticism and determination Flacco has. …

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Sep 29


derek-jeter 2

—-DEREK JETER—-MANSLICE MONDAY— Who else would I have as my Manslice Monday after he officially retired from the New York Yankees? Derek Jeter looked oh so casually happy to play baseball. I’m not just talking about this year, where he looked so relaxed and casual as he strode into first base. Deter acted like a …

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Sep 08

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday:Alex Rodriguez, A ROD


New York Yankees baseball player A Rod is a good-looking guy, for being almost 40. I don’t really care if he is the highest paid baseball player in the history of baseball, or that he took steroids, has played for the biggest teams in the history of the game. I don’t care that he was …

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Jul 14

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday:U2’s Drummer: Larry Mullen Jr.

mullen 3

Back in the 1980’s when U2 was a punk band, and they were not a household name, I thought all of the guys in U2 were cute. I especially thought Larry Mullen Jr. was a major hottie. He had short blond hair, muscular drummer arms, and he never smiled. Larry never looked happy. In fact, …

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Jun 30

Momzinga’sMANSLICE MONDAY: Cristiano Ronaldo


MANSLICE MONDAY—— I’ve got to tell you I do not think Cristiano Ronaldo is cute at all. My husband said numerous women online and at his job were talking about Cristiano Ronaldo in gushing terms. However, I am not gushing about Ronaldo. With the World Cup Soccer games going on for a few more weeks,I’m …

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Jun 17



MANSLICE MONDAY—-WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM I watched Weeds in between marathon writing sessions last fall. I had to watch Weeds every day. Part of the reason I HAD to watch the show was to see hunk Hunter Parrish. He portrayed Nancy Botwin’s (Mary Louise Parker) eldest teenage son. GREAT SHOW WEEDS It was kind of cool …

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