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Feb 19

THE PLEA: Felt Like a Country Song: Too Much Talking, Not Enough Action!


The Plea written by Steve Cavanagh is a legal thriller that is all man-muster. What I’m saying is The Plea is most definitely a book for men to read. But yes, women can read it too, if you are into male dominated action thrillers.I couldn’t get into it at all. The writing seemed off to me. …

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Feb 16


why do you ask me these things

Caitlin Macy’s newest arrival of a book, MRS., without pause is a babble-fest of words that carries on not saying a dang thing until re-reading the last paragraph. Mrs. reminded me of Mrs. Maisel which is a fast moving TV show where a married woman of two kids back in the 1950’s  finds out her husband is screwing his …

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Feb 15

DEAD PEOPLE SUCK: Laugh About the Touchy Subject of Death


She’s rude, crude, cynical and funny as hell. An Emmy nominated writer for CONAN, Laurie Kilmartin is funny as hell. Dead People Suck is so hilarious , she deadpans every joke talking about death with one joke after another. In fact, I’d say Dead People Suck doesn’t talk about death  as if it is a horrible thing, …

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Feb 12

Who Are The Best Rock Guitarist(s) of All Time—MANSLICE MONDAY: Billy Gibbons and Eddie Van Halen

eddie - Copy

The best rock  guitarists of all time are a tie between ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen. Eric Clapton and  Jimi Hendrix were God-like but Prince was better. I could have made this a top ten list, including Prince, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix but this time around I did not. Billy Gibbons and …

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Feb 10


KIDNAPPED BY CHARLES FOX, is a confusing, but very in-depth, intriguing account of exactly what happened when J. Paul Getty III was kidnapped way  back in the time machine of life.  Kidnapped is a good read, but it is confusing. Charles Fox who authored the book, died in 2012. Incredibly the book was still printed …

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Feb 07


A. J. Finn is a guy! I thought the author of The Woman in the Window, which is a spectacular read, was written by a middle aged woman who knew what it was like to be a person who had a really crappy thing happen to her. I thought it was a female writer by how A. …

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Feb 05

Molly’s Game: Exactly Who Gets Played in Molly’s Game?

MOLLY’S GAME WRITTEN BY MOLLY BLOOM, a former star on the U. S. Ski Team, at the top of her game was known as the poker princess. At 26, she was running underground poker games, raking in the dough, and was arrested with the government taking her money away. After reading Molly’s Game, I felt like I was the one who …

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Feb 02

Styling For Instagram: Create Art For the Internet

Styling for Instagram

Bold, beautiful and a breath of fresh air. Aspiring to the three B’s, Styling For Instagram professional photographer  Leela Cyd,created a beautifully inspirational book to create art for the Internet. Cyd will make you  more Instagram savvy by writing a book on how to take, bold, beautiful, breath of fresh air pictures. I could almost smell the roses pictured …

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Feb 01

THINKING THURSDAY: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears Together at Superbowl 52 Halftime Show?

timberlake and spears

Wouldn’t it be great if Justin Timberlake and his old flame, Britney Spears who just finished her 5 year singing stint in Vegas, perform at Super Bowl 52? Now that would be a show worth watching, because last I heard, years ago, they hated each other. They lived together for a few years, then he broke …

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Jan 29

Lolita Look Out Because the Girl Unknown Is 100 Percent Psycho!


Girl Unknown is an intense thriller of emotionally charged situations and adult lives explored. It all starts with a bang and then ends with a surprise ending that never really ends. David’s daughter from a previous relationship suddenly shows up where he works as a college professor in Ireland. She surprises him with showing up because David never …

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