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Apr 18


TIRED OF THE POLITICAL BULLSHIT nearly every news station is talking about seven days a week? Tired of clinging to your teddy bear, looking for a pouting place or a room to cry in? Well here you have a place to Mom. A place to hang out, created just for you by a woman that …

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Dec 15


Keith-Urban 2

MANSLICE MONDAY—KEITH URBAN— This week’s #ManscliceMonday guy is Keith Urban. I love his hair, and the fact that he can play guitar so well. Watching him play guitar does me in! I feel all funny inside—not like I’m going to be sick, but kind of mesmerized by watching him sing and play guitar. He’s cute. …

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Dec 08

DEADPOOL:Ryan Reynolds:Momzinga’s Manslice Monday!


MANSLICE MONDAY—-DEADPOOL RYAN REYNOLDS—-Concept derived from MOMZINGA.COM AKA KATE JOHNS— Ryan Reynolds is a well-known actor, who starred in numerous movies and has married two high profile actresses. He’s good-looking, is muscular, tan, hails from Canada, and has excelled in spades with his highly sought after career, of acting. Ryan Reynolds is also most importantly, …

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Mar 10

Hunger Games HOTTIE: LIAM HEMSWORTH, Manslice Monday


MANSLICE MONDAY—CONCEPT DERIVED BY MOMZINGA.COM. WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS Nothing like being born into a family of good looking, hot guys. This week’s Manslice Monday, is Liam Hemsworth. Last week, his older brother Chris Hemsworth was Momzinga’s Manslice Monday. The youngest sibling in this good looking family of three male actors(imagine the sibling rivarly here), …

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