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Nov 28


I remember a time a long time ago. In a land far away. When news stations reported the news. When they didn’t argue. In a land time has forgotten. It’s time to go back and stop arguing. We need to start getting along again. If little kids can play together on the playground at school, …

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Aug 14

Thinking Thursday: How Does Jerry Hall Stay So Young Looking?


THINKING THURSDAY—- If you answered—by marrying billionaires and getting face lifts, I’d have to say you are right. Jerry Hall and her newly minted fiancĂ© will be getting married soon. Hall is marrying Rupert Murdock who is what almost 90 and she is 59. Kind of grossed out yet? Former Supermodel Jerry Hall has the …

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Jul 24

Thinking Thursday: Don’t worry, be Happy!!

For my Thinking Thursday feature, I was going to go deep end on you, creating a post that was super ultra serious. But I didn’t feel quite up to the task of being super serious. I brought it down a notch. My Thinking Thursday advice for you today is to enjoy the day. Enjoy your …

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