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Sep 09

Make Meals in a Mug in 5 Minutes in Your Microwave?

4_2_Mug Meals TP Mech.indd

MUG MEALS— What a great idea. Make that over 100 great ideas. I love this book! A recipe book filled to the absolute edge with numerous colorful, beautiful mugs brimming with delightfully tasty, slightly decadent, hearty, good, wonderful, delicious foods! All made in a mug, with no mess, no fuss, in 5 minutes! MUG MEALS …

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Sep 08



TACO TUESDAY—FOUND AT MOMZINGA.COM IN A MUG! After looking at the hearty pictures of delicious looking and sounding recipes from MUG MEALS, I became immensely hungry. I knew I had to use this spinach/breakfast recipe. It sounded delicious, completely different than any other breakfast I’ve ever had. I’m not a hipster, but hey anyone can …

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