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Jun 08


AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL: THE ALICE NETWORK HAS IT ALL— Beautifully written, Kate Quinn weaves a tapestry of stories together involving two fearless women covering the WWII era and demonstrating how cunning and quick-witted Eve has become after her stint as a spy during the WWI era. The Alice Network proves strong women even as far back …

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Jan 13

Bad Girl, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?The Runaway Midwife


THE RUNAWAY MIDWIFE BY PATRICIA HARMAN— Is Clara a bad-ass, or a bad midwife?The Runaway Midwife is not just a story about a midwife running away from her husband having an affair, and trumped up charges of killing a woman who gave birth to a baby while she was doing her job as a midwife. …

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Mar 19

Visit An Old Friend in No Cats Allowed: A Fast Moving, Entertaining Mystery!

no cats

NO CATS ALLOWED BY MIRANDA JAMES— No Cats Allowed was fast moving, but at a comfortable old Southern charm kind of style which radiated off each page. I felt like I was visiting an old friend. It was a comfortable read with a storyline that moves at a lightning quick pace. A lot happens in …

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Jan 13

When to Rob A Bank: Funny Economic Advice!

When to Rob a Bank by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner comes to you from the authors of Freakanomics, which I never read but by reading Rob a Bank I can tell right away it’s got to be funny. This is the book you should read moms—it is funny, you can read what you want …

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Apr 16

GOOD FOOD GOOD LIFE: Good Book With Even Better Recipes

good food life

CURTIS STONE; GOOD FOOD GOOD LIFE REVIEWED BY MOMZINGA.COM Finally a male chef that is tall, good-looking and is married. Yikes! Curtis Stone an international success story of chef-like proportions, he’s originally from Australia, Ladies, has been cooking up a storm for years, and he isn’t bad-looking either! Stone’s newest cook book, Good Food Good …

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Mar 21

Food Porn, And So Much More: It Was Me All Along

it was me

IT WAS ME ALL ALONG—–REVIEW BY MOMZINGA.COM WARNING!!It Was Me all along should come with a WARNING LABEL attached saying: ‘WARNING do not read late at night because you will become incredibly hungry!’ You may wake up the next morning a dishelved mess, with chocolate frosting all over your face—and no memory of how it …

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Jan 23

Accidental Farmer: DIRTY CHICK


FINALLY FRIDAY FEATURE—-WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS I’ve been writing weekly book reviews to get people to read again. Reading is so important, fun and awesome for everybody to do especially us moms who need to put more time into reading more than just kids books to our kids before tucking them in at night. And …

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Sep 05

What It Is Like to Be a Teenager? Homeroom Diaries.

hmrm dia

Homeroom Diaries written by James PattersoN and Lisa Papademetriou.(may I suggest a name change Lisa?) Cuckoo is a 16-year-old girl whose parents left her which is never fully explained. It’s kind of like the story picks up without enough explanation. Unless there was a book before this one, and I missed it. Cuckoo’s mom leaves …

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Jun 06



RESISTANT– When I started reading Resistant by Michael Palmer I knew I was in the hands of as seasoned pro. I could tell without looking up Palmer’s bio that he had already written many medical thrillers. I could also tell he had an immense knowledge and love of medicine and medical procedures and that he …

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Jun 02

BITTERSWEET; Not Just Another Girl Comes Of Age Book


Bittersweet, a novel by Miranda Beverly Whittemore brings forth many adjectives. But this time around you won’t find numerous fluffy adjectives such as riveting, tension-filled, or erotic. Nope the words that popped into my head as I was reading Bittersweet were: interesting, entertaining, nasty, calculating and thrilling. Bittersweet is a book worthy of much more …

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