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May 12

Looking For Healthy Solutions? You Just Found It Right Here—The Suja Juice Solution

suja juice

I’ve read, and reviewed about 10 maybe 15 books this year on becoming healthier. This is the one book I have found so far this year, that has what you REALLY need to become healthier—-The Suja Juice Solution. I read the Food Babe’s Way, The Gene Therapy Plan and other books that had me shaking …

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Mar 24

Super Easy To Understand, And To Do: This is Your Do-Over

do over

THIS IS YOUR DO-OVER REVIEWED BY MOMZINGA.COM Everything, well almost everything you have learned thus far on how to live longer, get a better life, how to fight old age, have a better sex life, how to lose weight is in this book. It’s all right here in one neat package of 384 pages. This …

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