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Dec 09


FINALLY FRIDAY—- As the mother of two, I am really getting tired of the Wimpification of Americans. It’s been happening for many years now—at least twenty, that I know of. Now that we have a new president, Donald Trump, much to every Liberals horror, Americans are starting to feel better about themselves. We are feeling …

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Jul 10



FINALLY FRIDAY— Every adult who has to deal with working all week long—many times at a job she doesn’t like, we all need time to unwind, let our hair down, have some fun. My proposal for this weekend, unless you have already made boring adult plans is to act like a kid this weekend. This …

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Jun 05

FINALLY FRIDAY: It’s Garage Sale Time


FINALLY FRIDAY—- Get up early, put your walking shows on, wear sunscreen and get outside for the annual event, to top all annual events—it’s garage sale time. Every year when spring finally rolls around my husband and I go to numerous garage sales. At first I was completely against buying anything that was not new, …

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May 29

FINALLY FRIDAY: Shop Your Local Farmer’s Market This Weekend: You’ll Feel Better!


FINALLY FRIDAY— Happiness reigns supreme. The weather is warmer. Local pools are opening up, grass is growing, the sun is shining, and local farmers, Amish people, local people are growing all kinds of healthy foods to eat. I know we aren’t supposed to mess with Mother Nature, but the local Farmer’s Markets near us have …

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Apr 10

FINALLY FRIDAY: What Are Moms Doing This Weekend? Imagine the Possiblities!

erie sunset

FINALLY FRIDAY IS FINALLY HERE— What are Moms doing this weekend? Better yet, what are you doing this weekend? Catching up on sleep, watching tons of TV, scuttling the kids to their activities? Maybe you are doing all that boring housework that needs to be done, folding laundry, fixing something. Maybe your kids will be …

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Mar 10



FINALLY FRIDAY—- With all that we Moms have to do, we need to take a break. We need to do something for ourselves. This means taking the oh so sought after bubble bath, reading a trashy novel bringing a certain toy along, to going for a long walk on a sunlit warm beach. Moms , …

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Feb 27

MOMZINGA’S FINALLY FRIDAY: Sense of Purpose to Live Longer


FINALLY FRIDAY—NEED A SENSE OF PURPOSE TO LIVE LONGER! When my kids were little I had a reason to get up every morning. I had to take care of my kids. I had to feed them, get them dressed, and get them to school. Then I had to run errands, rush home, and work my …

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Jan 23

Accidental Farmer: DIRTY CHICK


FINALLY FRIDAY FEATURE—-WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS I’ve been writing weekly book reviews to get people to read again. Reading is so important, fun and awesome for everybody to do especially us moms who need to put more time into reading more than just kids books to our kids before tucking them in at night. And …

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Jan 16

MOMZINGA’S FINALLY FRIDAY: Don’t Bogart MY 1960’s Words, Dude!


FINALLY FRIDAY—-1960’s words Let’s do something different and let’s name all the words we know, remember, from the 1960’s. Creative people you will have a great time trying to think of all the cool words from the 1960’s. It’s funny because my older siblings knew all of these words in a heartbeat, and I only …

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Oct 24

FINALLY FRIDAY: Eleven HILARIOUS Call In Sick Excuses!!


It’s FINALLY FRIDAY! 11 HILARIOUS CALL IN SICK EXCUSES YOU CAN USE NEXT WEEK WHEN YOU WANT A DAY OFF. They worked for somebody so you never know! Sounds like this should be a funny TV show. ELEVEN HILARIOUS CALL IN SICK EXCUSES: 1. I accidentally got on a plane. 2. I’m ovulating and I …

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