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Nov 21

GREED is Not Good:Dave Ramsey’s The Legacy Journey


THE LEGACY JOURNEY—- Dave Ramsey’s newest book, The Legacy Journey is what Dave does best–he imparts common sense, ethics, morals into a book about handling money. This is what Dave Ramsey has always been talking about. This time he just brings more of the Bible into the mix. GREED IS NOT GOOD— Legacy Journey is …

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Nov 17

MANSLICE MONDAY: Captain America/Chris Evans


MANSLICE MONDAY—CONCEPT DESIGNED BY MOMZINGA.COM, AKA KATE JOHNS Does Captain America make you feel proud to be an American? Captain America makes me want to meet Chris Evans in person and all I want to do is squeeze one of his arms. He looks soooo muscular, he just does me in. He can star in …

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