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Mar 11

Smarter, THINNER, Happier: How to Become Pretty Happy, AND SEXIER TOO!!


PRETTY HAPPY BY KATE HUDSON— Even though Pretty Happy is not a tell all bio, Hudson does tell all–she tells us how to become happy with our bodies and how to make our entire bodies, including our minds better. So I guess we can say , this is a tell -all book. She’s literally telling …

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Feb 09



TACO TUESDAY—Choose healthy fast foods instead of fast food chemical-laden garbage!— An Alaskan mom conducted an experiment where she kept a McDonald’s Happy Meal for SIX years – just to see if it would decompose. And guess what happened? It did not! Pretty gross, huh? Jennifer Lovdahl, from Alaska, posted a status on Facebook about …

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Jan 05

TACO TUESDAY: Negative Calorie Diet Plus a Breakfast Bowl Recipe

TACO TUESDAY—BREAKFAST BOWL WITH QUINOA AND BERRIES— All for trying something different for breakfast? Rocco DiSpirito certainly is game for looking for and eating healthy foods. He says they have negative calories which creates a way for you to literally burn off calories while eating the delicious dishes he has created. Rocco Di Spirito is …

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Jan 13

TACO TUESDAY: Take the Challenge–Vow to Eat Healthier Foods!


VOW TO EAT HEALTHY FOODS AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY! When the cold settles in, gray days abound, ice and snow become the norm, our bodies start craving fattening foods. Our bodies and our minds start wanting to store up fat just in case we need the extra calories. Just in case we get …

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Sep 24

Controversial Grain Brain Book: Why We Shouldn’t Eat Grains, or Any Carbs!


After reading Doctor David Perlmutter’s book, Grain Brain, I decided to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet. I felt completely conflicted, and I felt scared that everything I’d been eating my entire life were the wrong foods. I also told my husband, “I’m doing all of the grocery shopping from now on. We’re not …

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