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Nov 07

MANSLICE MONDAY:ASHTON KUTCHER: Watch Kutcher on Netflix on The Ranch and That 70’s Show

Beyond compare Ashton Kutcher has been gifted with good looks, talent a sense of humor, determination, and success heaped upon him in many forms. He always gets the gorgeous woman; two of whom married him. His first wife, Demi Moore, married Kutcher in 2004, after she left Bruce Willis for a much younger Kutcher. He …

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Oct 26

MANSLICE MONDAY: Biggest Box Office Draw—Bruce Willis!!


MANSLICE MONDAY—BRUCE WILLIS—– Bruce Willis has appeared in a movie or a TV show or both from 1980, until now, and is slated to appear/star in at least four movies in 2016. Willis has to be one of if not THE longest lasting movie star; 36 years starring in well known movies grossing over 2.6 …

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