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Oct 31

Fear Mongers Gone Too Far? Taking Halloween Away From Kids


The last two years my daughter was in high school the Principal took Halloween away. He announced that  the kids, teachers, staff could not wear Halloween costumes to school. No distribution of candy would be allowed, No pranks or Halloween decorations would be allowed at the school because Halloween was deemed to be too disruptive. …

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May 24

Common Sense is Dead: Freaks Are Ruining Our Daughters Self Esteem

It isn’t okay for our daughters to be normal anymore. It isn’t okay for our daughters to have morals, values, ethics. It’s okay to be weird, different. It’s okay for our daughters to be slutty, bitchy, nasty, rude, insulting, having no morals or values. It’s okay for our daughters to be freaks! Entertainment TV shows …

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May 11

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Common Sense is Dead: Autistic Teen Turned Away At Prom For Bringing His 24 YR OLD Sister!


#WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY— All jokes aside about incest. How about we all grow up and really think about this? This Tennessee school should not have turned this autistic teen away because of their rules. Rules can be changed for one child. Transgender males are allowed to go into girls locker rooms and bathrooms, so why …

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May 13

WNW:Grandmother Gets Life For Making Grandaughter Run Until She Died


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY– WHAT HAPPENED TO COMMON SENSE?!! If this Alabama grandmother had used common sense and not complete idiocy her granddaughter would still be alive today. Yes, I am making several politically incorrect statements. It’s about time someone stood up and made a strong statement. Joyce Garrard is going to jail for life, (without …

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