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Apr 19


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—–EVER TRY FREE BLEEDING? FEMALE ATHLETES ARE—– ONE MORE REASON TO NOT GO TO THE GYM. FEMALE ATHLETES ARE FREE BLEEDING. IT’S DISGUSTING!! These women are literally taking women’s rights back to the middle ages, when women did not have anything but cloths to use as period pads. Besides, it has nothing to …

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Aug 10

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY:26 Kids Died in Hot Cars This Summer, Tyler Perry Paying For Twins Funeral

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—TYLER PERRY PAYING FOR FUNERALS FOR RECENT HOT CAR DEATHS— 15 month old twins will be taken care of by producer/actor, Tyler Perry. Perry is paying for their funerals after their Georgia mother proclaimed that she and their father can’t afford to pay for a funeral for the 15 month old twins. They …

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Jun 02


THINKING THURSDAY—RESPECT YOURSELF Our kids are literally bombarded with slutty women on TV, on the Internet, in magazines, in newspapers, and in numerous advertising schemes wearing next to nothing. We as parents must teach our kids, especially our daughters that it is not normal to wander around in public dressed like Hos. It’s taken for …

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May 13

WNW:Grandmother Gets Life For Making Grandaughter Run Until She Died


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY– WHAT HAPPENED TO COMMON SENSE?!! If this Alabama grandmother had used common sense and not complete idiocy her granddaughter would still be alive today. Yes, I am making several politically incorrect statements. It’s about time someone stood up and made a strong statement. Joyce Garrard is going to jail for life, (without …

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May 01

Does Cable TV News Stress You Out?


I found myself staying up until midnight the other night stunned into silence watching the Baltimore rioters taking Baltimore apart on TV. My husband and I watched from about 8 at night until midnight when I said, “We have to work tomorrow, let’s go to bed.” Then I turned off the TV, as stolen cars …

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Apr 29

Momzinga’s Thinking Thursday: Are Rules Meant to Be Broken?

boston marathon family

THINKING THURSDAY—— Are Rules Meant to Be Broken? HERE’S THE STORY: A Pennsylvania father sent a scathing note to an elementary school principal after she said that a trip he took with his nine-year-old twins to see him run the Boston Marathon was an “unexcused absence.” Rydal Elementary School Rochelle Marbury wrote to dad Mike …

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Feb 11

Answers to Buying Your Teens Expensive Designer Clothes


WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM Would you buy designer clothes for your teen knowing she will grow out of them in three months? I count anything as being expensive that is over 20 bucks because kids, preteens and teens will grow out of them in a matter of months. I can afford to buy my 22-year-old son …

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