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Aug 03

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY:Father Drowns 3 Month Old Baby, Says God Will Forgive Him

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—SICK BEYOND BELIEF— For reasons unknown at this time, except to the parents of a 3 month old baby, Sean Flowers grabbed his baby son from his home, walked into a nearby pond and drowned his child. And no I’m not saying allegedly drowned his son. Witnesses from the apartment building saw Flowers …

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Jul 05

ALL THE MISSING GIRLS: Time Machine Takes Storyline Away!


ALL THE MISSING GIRLS WRITTEN BY MEGAN MIRANDA—Time Machine Interrupts Story! All The Missing Girls felt like it was missing something. Many reviewers are saying Missing Girls was a spellbinding, fascinating, thrilling thriller. I’m thinking I read the wrong book! Missing Girls tells the same things over and over, backpedals and is irritating. I truly …

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Mar 21

Food Porn, And So Much More: It Was Me All Along

it was me

IT WAS ME ALL ALONG—–REVIEW BY MOMZINGA.COM WARNING!!It Was Me all along should come with a WARNING LABEL attached saying: ‘WARNING do not read late at night because you will become incredibly hungry!’ You may wake up the next morning a dishelved mess, with chocolate frosting all over your face—and no memory of how it …

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