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Dec 11

How Can You Get a Better Life? Change Your ‘Tude!


ATTITUDE DOES IT— Shift for Good, by Tory Johnson is not just a continuation of her first book The Shift; detailing her weight lose experience, but is a life experience book. Johnson talks about business, gives life advice and tells readers how to make life better by doing something different. What really, truly drew me …

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Apr 02

THINKING THURSDAY:What Will Set Your World On Fire?

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THINKING THURSDAY— WHAT SET YOUR WORLD ON FIRE? Many people ask themselves why their lives suck every day. I used to ask myself this question every day when I got up every morning, working at various jobs I hated. My days off were spent grocery shopping, cleaning the house, shuttling my kids around and visiting …

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Mar 24

Super Easy To Understand, And To Do: This is Your Do-Over

do over

THIS IS YOUR DO-OVER REVIEWED BY MOMZINGA.COM Everything, well almost everything you have learned thus far on how to live longer, get a better life, how to fight old age, have a better sex life, how to lose weight is in this book. It’s all right here in one neat package of 384 pages. This …

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Jan 15

Be Happier With Your Life!

WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA/COM Every mom wants to become successful. Almost everyone wants to make tons of money, otherwise we wouldn’t enter lottery drawings. We moms, want our kids to become successful. I am on a personal journey to success. I thought hard work would get me what I wanted in life. But, really hard work …

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