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Jan 13

THE KINDNESS CHALLENGE: 30 Days To a Better Life?

THE KINDNESS CHALLENGE written by Shaunti Feldhahn— Every single person on the face of the planet should read The Kindness Challenge which really does not force you to take the 30 day Kindness Challenge, but Shaunti Feldhahn ever so sweetly directs people to be kind to everyone. You know your boss who you do not …

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Sep 08

THINKING THURSDAY: BE Happy For What You Have Today

THINKING THURSDAY—BE HAPPY! My husband put it all in perspective today when he told me a little story. I was complaining about the humid, non sunny weather, and the list of things I wanted to own besides a big house with an in the ground swimming pool with a diving board, and a housekeeper. My …

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Jul 24

Thinking Thursday: Don’t worry, be Happy!!

For my Thinking Thursday feature, I was going to go deep end on you, creating a post that was super ultra serious. But I didn’t feel quite up to the task of being super serious. I brought it down a notch. My Thinking Thursday advice for you today is to enjoy the day. Enjoy your …

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