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Nov 07

MANSLICE MONDAY:ASHTON KUTCHER: Watch Kutcher on Netflix on The Ranch and That 70’s Show

Beyond compare Ashton Kutcher has been gifted with good looks, talent a sense of humor, determination, and success heaped upon him in many forms. He always gets the gorgeous woman; two of whom married him. His first wife, Demi Moore, married Kutcher in 2004, after she left Bruce Willis for a much younger Kutcher. He …

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Apr 11


sam 1

MANSLICE MONDAY–SAM ELLIOTT— Sam Elliott has starred, appeared or narrated in a movie for almost every year since he began his storied acting career in 1968. Sam Elliott is 71 years old, looks younger–except for the white hair, and is in dang good shape for a man his age. His rugged good looks, and his …

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Oct 26

MANSLICE MONDAY: Biggest Box Office Draw—Bruce Willis!!


MANSLICE MONDAY—BRUCE WILLIS—– Bruce Willis has appeared in a movie or a TV show or both from 1980, until now, and is slated to appear/star in at least four movies in 2016. Willis has to be one of if not THE longest lasting movie star; 36 years starring in well known movies grossing over 2.6 …

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