Feb 05

Super Bowl 52’s REAL Winner: Frank Reich(Former Buffalo Bills Back Up Quarterback)

See the source imageAfter five trips to the Super Bowl, understated, almost completely ignored, former backup quarterback for The Buffalo Bills, finally won a Super Bowl. Something Jim Kelly can’t say.

Oh no, he didn’t actually play in Super Bowl 52, but Reich did something just as impressive. Hired  by the Philadelphia Eagles, as their offensive coordinator, in 2016, Reich took on the role as a leader yet again and helped the Eagles win Super Bowl 52. From what I saw, even though I wasn’t going to watch the game, I saw Reich coordinating an effort at ensuring the Super Bowl win for the Eagles. What did Frank Reich do that was so important?

Go back to the early 1990’s NFL football season and watch as Reich who impressively stepped up to the proverbial plate and helped the Bills win game after game to get a chance to go to four Super Bowls. And yes, lose four times, but Reich knew and obviously knows what he is doing. From what I saw the Eagles were taking plays straight from 56 year old Reich’s 1990’s playbook. The Eagles quarterback pulled a fast one, and  ran over into the end zone to make a touchdown. Hello, this is straight from the Buffalo Bills early ’90’s playbook!

These impressive plays the Bills made years ago, got them to the Super Bowl, and got Frank Reich a Super Bowl ring!! YAY!!

That’s why I picked former Buffalo Bill’s backup quarter back to star in a Momzinga.Manslice Monday!!

Feb 05

Molly’s Game: Exactly Who Gets Played in Molly’s Game?

MOLLY’S GAME WRITTEN BY MOLLY BLOOM, a former star on the U. S. Ski Team, at the top of her game was known as the poker princess. At 26, she was running underground poker games, raking in the dough, and was arrested with the government taking her money away.

After reading Molly’s Game, I felt like I was the one who was played. I love to read every kind of book, but when it is filled with throwing away a promising career, taking shortcuts to the world of immediate riches,  someway you will get caught doing something wrong. Bloom gets caught at running  underground, possibly illegal poker games for celebrities, millionaire athletes and spoiled, rich billionaires. How did she think they were going to act? Like they loved her for not doing everything they wanted?

The book reads like a movie script—which sounds exactly like another movie I’ve watched about ten times because I loved it—–Goodfellas. After watching the trailer for Bloom’s movie , the movie seemed better, the book carries on way too much about poker, and all of Bloom’s administrative duties. She tells about her job to an umpteenth degree.

I wanted to read more about the pampered, spoiled, elite poker playing I want everything now celebrities, athletes and billionaires. I didn’t want to read all about what Molly worked at. I wanted action, inside info on what these guys are really like. Bloom hardly throws readers any really juicy stuff except when Toby McGuire orders her to get down on all fours and bark like a dog. When she refuses, he becomes more of a Hollywood elite Idiot than we ever imagined. He’s pissed off that he is losing game after expensive game and takes it out on Bloom.

But I have to say, I didn’t feel sorry for her. You play with the big dogs, you have to run with the big dogs.

Overall, I found Molly’s game to be a player playing readers into reading Molly’s Game, which isn’t all it promises to be. I’m hoping the movie is better. Momzinga.com.






Feb 02

Styling For Instagram: Create Art For the Internet

Styling for InstagramBold, beautiful and a breath of fresh air. Aspiring to the three B’s, Styling For Instagram professional photographer  Leela Cyd,created a beautifully inspirational book to create art for the Internet.

Cyd will make you  more Instagram savvy by writing a book on how to take, bold, beautiful, breath of fresh air pictures. I could almost smell the roses pictured inside Styling For Instagram, that’s how well done the pictures are.

I can tell you this about Styling For Instagram—the book is beautiful. It is packed with helpful, artistic information on how to make your pictures stand out. And this is not just a book to use on Instagram. Almost all of the helpful, gorgeous, motivational information given in the pages of Leela Cyd’s instructional, yet glorious book can be used on every online site, as in Facebook, Twitter and for every blog, website owner that wants to create art!

Styling For Instagram is a book that will not be cast aside, but will be looked at and coveted into the future, because it is just that inspiring. It’s a photography book that teaches readers how to take better pictures and it is a course we don’t have to leave home or pay tons of money to get a master’s degree in art theory and composition at a prestigious, expensive college. Styling For Instagram is an in-depth can do book motivating readers to take better, more beautiful, fully composed, pictures.

My artistic daughter who knows everything about colors is devouring Styling For Instagram! Momzinga.com,

Feb 01

THINKING THURSDAY: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears Together at Superbowl 52 Halftime Show?

timberlake and spearsWouldn’t it be great if Justin Timberlake and his old flame, Britney Spears who just finished her 5 year singing stint in Vegas, perform at Super Bowl 52?

Now that would be a show worth watching, because last I heard, years ago, they hated each other. They lived together for a few years, then he broke up with her and she married that creep. Considering that she just wrapped up her very successful Las Vegas singing act, it would be worth it to tune into Super Bowl 52,just to see Timberlake and his old flame sing together at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Who gives a crap about the actual Super Bowl. Everybody knows, Americans tune in to watch the commercials, talk about them the next day and we tune in to see the entertainment , The year Bruno Mars performed was spectacular. I even enjoyed Katy Perry’s show. Who cares about the actual game? Brady is playing again—his sixth game, and that is immensely boring!

I ‘m  watching the mega talented Justin Timberlake perform at the Superbowl halftime entertainment  show. 36 year old Justin Timberlake who has played the Superbowl two times is a ten-time Grammy winner, and has sold over 30 million albums as a solo artist worldwide.  Timberlake is ultra talented making even SNL sketches hilarious. I’ll even watch Pink sing the National Anthem.

It’d be really interesting if they put Timberlake and his old flame Britney Spears together on stage! Now that would be worth watching! Momzinga.com.

Jan 30

TACO TUESDAY: The Brain Warrior’s Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure! Hint: Walking on Sunshine

I’m Walking on Sunshine! Oh yea, It’s time to feel good!

Doctor Daniel G. Amen wrote a seriously helpful series of books, one of which is The Brain Warrior’s Way. In it he and his wife Tana, intelligently and yes ever so gently guide readers into taking care of their brains, thus also taking care of our bodies. The information is awesome, helpful, truthful and yes gathered from many sources, but it is wonderful to have all of this brain and body saving advice in one book.

Amen suggests that in order to live a long, healthy life, we must protect our brains. One of the things we have to do to live a long, happy life is to have an optimum blood pressure. Anything over 140 is considered risky, and is hypertension territory. I do know doctors want us to have our blood pressure lower than 120, but that is debatable.

Nine ways to lower your blood pressure according to Dr. Amen are:

Lose weight

Exercise every day

Reduce sugar and sodium intake

Eating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Using deep breathing exercises and meditation.

Here’s where the TACO TUESDAY part truly comes in—-eating potassium rich foods like dark green leafy vegetables, pork, tilapia, kiwi, bananas, sweet potatoes  and more.

Cutting back or eliminating caffeine from our daily diets.

Getting 7 hours of sleep a night.

Optimizing our vitamin D level—-Walk outside on sunny days, garden, or ingest Vitamin D daily.

I never knew eating pork and getting vitamin D lowered blood pressure. Maybe Walking in Sunshine is truly a healthy habit we all should take up! Momzinga.com.

Jan 29


ew bingFleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham was propelled into major fame and stardom as the lead guitar player for Fleetwood Mac way back in the time machine of life, when He could sing, he could play guitar and he looked great doing it.

I literally played  Fleetwood Mac and Rumours through to the other side as I listened to Stevie Nick’s haunting songs of love and a woman scorned. I adored Lindsey’s songs also with ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Holiday Road’. I listened to Fleetwood Mac for years.

I loved Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar virtuso playing, considering he doesn’t use a pick. I adored his style, the way he looked and how he and Stevie Nicks interacted on stage. They played well off of each other, even though there was trouble in paradise.

wehBuckingham was born in 1949, in California. He started dating Nicks in high school. The two lived together as Stevie waitressed, while Buckingham played guitar all day and night and wrote songs. They formed a band in 1972, garnered a recording contract in 1973, and Buckingham was heard singing and playing guitar as Mick Fleetwood by chance, was looking for a new lead guitar player for Fleetwood Mac.

And get this, Fleetwood only wanted to bring Buckingham into Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey would only sign on, if Stevie Nicks was allowed to be in the band. Music history was changed forever as Buckingham/Nicks as a band, became the front players for the internationally famous Fleetwood Mac.

In all of this Lindsey Buckingham managed to date other women and eventually marry the mother of his three children.



Jan 29

Lolita Look Out Because the Girl Unknown Is 100 Percent Psycho!

booomGirl Unknown is an intense thriller of emotionally charged situations and adult lives explored. It all starts with a bang and then ends with a surprise ending that never really ends. David’s daughter from a previous relationship suddenly shows up where he works as a college professor in Ireland. She surprises him with showing up because David never knew he had a daughter with another woman.

David and Caroline have a comfortable married life with past indiscretions and adult life problems going on and their two children are growing up into teens when his almost 19 year old daughter pops up out of nowhere to ruin his life.

Oh Zoe acts like this is not her intention, but she is out for immature revenge. She claims her mother has died, she lived with her step father who did not care about her. So David being a  wonderfully gullible fool takes the Girl Unknown, (Zoe) into his home where she starts reeking havoc on Caroline and David’s well established marriage. She pits the couple against each other. She uses every male within two feet of  including their 15 year old son and a  middle aged family friend.

She’s young, vibrant, skinny, has long blond hair and is an artist at ruining lives. Lolita look out because the Girl Unknown is out to ruin everyone’s life.

Girl Unknown is written by two authors  combining their names into Karen Perry. They expertly and cleverly have written a book that readers will not be able to put down. A great all consuming read! I had to know what  happened next. I found myself thinking that this situation could really happen to anyone.

Girl Uknown is expertly written by two people who know exactly what they are doing to readers. They are leading us on, tempting us with words, causing us to read a passionately written book of major intensity. Girl Unknown  should be made into an intense movie! Momzinga.com.

Jan 26

BENEATH THE SUGAR SKY: Is Death A Beautiful Thing?

 I love reading all kinds of books, but fantasy YA fiction is not my thing. Beneath The Sugar Sky written by Seanan McGuire is an adventure set in the ‘real world’. But not really. It is a made up world of complete fantasy, written with preteens and teens in mind. It’s a YA book, but nowhere on the book did it have this advertised.

I  became irritated with the unreality of it all. Nothing was real. The kids are all really weird kids. And I’m talking  where we can’t classify them kind of kids. They are from out of this world kind of people. They are not Harry Potter kids  and they are all the oddest of the odd from a made up place from Seanan McGuire’s imagination.

Being the mother of two older children,I could not identify with Beneath The Sugar Sky. As I forced myself to read through the continual descriptions of each child, I simply felt I wanted the plot to move on and characters to stop being introduced and stop being described. In fact, the plot moves too slowly and was short of anything happening, simply describing how things shimmered in the moonlight.

Actions are described by Seanan McGuire in intricate detail. I found the descriptions to be beautiful, but too long. McGuire’s descriptions are stunning and create images in children’s minds where McGuire makes everything, even death and coming back to life beautiful. But I have to say I found what was happening throughout the book kind of gross, and not believable.

I was left wondering if children actually need death and coming back to life being made into a ‘beautiful thing?’ Mominga.com.


Jan 24


You’ve got to read how Matthew McConaughey’s older brother, Rooster, came up with the names for his kids. It’s probably similar to how so many people have taken wine or car names like ‘Mercedes’ to name their kids.

Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Mike “Rooster” McConaughey has teamed up with his longtime partner and friend Wayne “Butch” Gilliam for a new reality TV series on A&E named “Rooster & Butch,” which aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the American Dream.

Rooster McConaughey explains how he named his kids after his favorite beer .


Rooster 3

Rooster (right) & Butch  (Courtesy of A&E Network)

“What happened was I always drank a lot of Miller Lite, always had it ‘round the back of my truck with this big ol’ box and basset hound. I got married. My wife gets pregnant and all my buddies are going, “Hey man, get ready. Your life’s gonna change. You can’t go be riding ‘round with that Miller Lite all the time. Because you’re gettin’ ready to have a kid.” And I went, “You know if things work out, I’ll be able to take Miller Lite to church.”
“And I sure as hell did! [My son is named Miller Lyte. But it’s] L-y-t-e. And so, I got away with it. So my wife gets pregnant again and she goes, “I’m naming this [one] and you stay out of it.” Well, her grandmother’s name’s Margarita. And so she names her Margarita. But in the meantime, they can’t come up with a middle name. She looks over at me and goes, “Can you help us come up with a middle name?” I said “I thought y’all didn’t want me to have none ‘do with it.”

“So I threw out Olympia. They jumped all over it. Little did we know that was the name of a beer. I named my little daughter after a dead beer. But now they’re making it again. And as I tell Miller Lite, if y’all don’t start sponsoring us, I’m gonna start drinking Olympia again.”

I dare someone to name their kids after farm animals like Rooster’s parents did. How about naming your baby ‘Herd’, or ‘Appaloosa’? Momzinga.com!


Jan 23


untitledWhile looking over the Brain Warrior’s Way, I was amazed at all of the information Doctor Daniel Amen and Tana Amen who is a nurse poured into their  book. Brain Warrior’s Way was so packed with helpful, healthy info that I found myself reading as much as I could gleam from it in one hour.

When I found the section where it warns of the highest levels of pesticides in foods, I figured this is what we eat as a family almost every day. Great! I already knew about pesticides, but this really brought it home and scared me, which it might do to you also, unless you completely skip this Taco Tuesday. Listed below are 10 foods with very high levels of pesticides in them according to the Amens, and there are 10 foods to eat containing the least amount of pesticides.

If you want to stay away from pesticides altogether you can eat organic foods, or grow your own at home. Btw—The Brain Warrior’s Way has longer lists, I didn’t include them all.


10 of the worst offenders containing high levels of pesticides are:

  1. 1.Celery
  2. 2.Peaches
  3. 3. Apples
  4. 4.Blueberries
  5. 5.Cucumbers
  6. 6.Strawberries
  7. 7.Potatoes
  8. 8. Grapes
  9. 9. Spinach
  10. 10.Cherries

Foods with the lowest levels of pesticide residue are:

  1. Onions
  2. Pineapples
  3. Sweet peas
  4. Cabbage
  5. .Mushrooms
  6. Broccoli
  7. Avocado
  8. Watermelon
  9. Asparagus
  10. Bananas


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