Jul 20




I’ve noticed so many things since we moved to a small town. I love getting from one place to another with a small amount of traffic in our small town. I also enjoy getting really fast service at the post office, local restaurants, and I like the small town chit chat.

So, I thought with my particular set of skills, I’d write ten ways to make life better, with your particular set of skills:

1.I thoroughly enjoyed hearing a girl of about 22 telling everyone  how she had a baby, is getting married, and graduated from high school. At the time, I was kind of annoyed, but now that I think about, if people are going to announce things, then  I’m just going to say, “Congratulations.”  Why not  enjoy the moment and love life?

2. When people stand in the way, in a parking lot, do not beep at them. It’s not worth it. Just wait it out.

3. Hold the door open for people and smile at them or say, “Hello, how are you today?” I do this all the time now.

4. Always say thank you when the waitress/server brings your food to the table. I guess I never did that until we moved here. And I discovered, that a little kindness goes a long way.

5. Do not get upset when you overhear somebody yelling on their cellphone in a public place , like a grocery store.Just keep walking, ignore them or listen to their conversation while shopping. Don’t get mad, because it just raises the blood pressure.

6. Even though you may be in a hurry, enjoy standing in a long line at Wal Mart for example. What’s the rush?

7. Say “Good Morning.” to people you live with, see at a store, wait on you at a restaurant for breakfast. Of course, do this in the morning, not at night, cause why would you say “Good Morning to people at 9 at night?

8.Do not beep at people in traffic or yell at them. It just raises the blood pressure, once again and it isn’t worth yelling at them , because they may get pissed off at you, and do something awful back at you.

9. Pay it forward. Pay for coffee for person in the car behind you at drive through window.

10. Compliment somebody today. Someone you see every day, may feel down and need to feel better about life, and even a small compliment makes a person feel good. And di you ever notice when you compliment people, they start complimenting you more often?


Jul 19




A shop vacuum is an incredible invention that should be created into a household vacuum. Our Shark vacuum that we bought I think four years ago worked great when we first bought it. Now our bagless, expensive waste of money, time and space will not clean anything anymore. I have to clean out the bagless, (who thought of this atrocity?) each time after I vacuum two rooms. And those two rooms equal about 600 square feet. We do not own a cat or a dog , so who is making this huge mess so deep that the vacuum clogs up , and becomes a high pitched whining pos after 5 minutes of use?

Obviously, tech companies are in business to sell something to be replaced every couple of years to make more money, not like the vacuums of yesteryear that lasted for 20 years.

That’s when a miracle happened. I decided to use the shop vac my MIL gave us to vacuum the house. I vacuumed out our cars, which we had not vacuumed in a long time. My car was still filled with sand from the beach we visited, okay I dragged my family members to every week. I never even thought of buying a shop vac, because we don’t have a shop, a basement or a garage. So I figured why bother? But after getting this incredible invention, I can’t literally stop vacuuming nearly everything in our small home.

No this is not an ad, I’m just so happy about being able to get housework done without lugging a  heavy, cumbersome vacuum around our small apartment. So far, in about two hours, I vacuumed our living room, the living room furniture, the woodwork in our entire home, in back of  every piece of furniture I could move, all of the bathroom fans, above all of the bathroom lights, the utility closet—(another joke invention!)

So, yes this is Momzinga’s WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: use a shop vac to clean your home, instead of a regular, crappy, vacuum that will crap out in four to five years! They really suck!!

Jul 18


How does she do it?

Beatriz Williams manages to create a fantasy world so rich, carefree and beautiful, I’m left wondering, as her die-hard fans if Williams’ life is led in a fantasy world? Does she manage to live in reality or has Williams created a life as fun, entertaining and splendid as she has created in her books?


Beautifully written, richly unique, Cocoa Beach is another beauty to behold. Personally I feel lucky to have just held Cocoa Beach in my hands. Cocoa Beach is a pleasure to read. Beatriz Williams fans know by now how she manages to weave a tale so stunning, uniquely written, fantastical, that no other author can compare to her original, carefree, imaginative prose. I love reading Beatriz Williams’ books. She takes sobering reality and makes it sound like a frolicking good time on a sunny day at the beach.

Readers can tell , Williams loves what she is doing. She thoroughly immerses herself into her book writing and it shows in the creative love pouring forth from her powerfully pretty prose.


Cocoa Beach is escapism at it’s ever-loving best. I named A Certain Age as  “the most delicious book of 2016.” Certain Age was one of the best books I read last year, as Cocoa Beach is one of the best books I have read in 2017. Cocoa Beach tells the story of Virginia Fortescue, who was a bit player in A Certain Age as her father is part of the story. Little did we know Virginia would become the star of her own novel! Her father killed Virginia’s mother.

Taking place in WWI way back in the time machine of life in 1917 through 1924, Virginia falls in love with Simon Fitzwilliam, a famed surgeon during the war, as she literally runs away from her past. Virginia becomes an ambulance driver in Europe, driving through muddy, rainy, blood-soaked battlefields to rescue wounded soldiers. She marries Fitzwilliam, they have a child and he leaves her to start numerous businesses in Florida during prohibition times. He dies in a house fire and she is left to fend for herself. Then she must defend herself against her oddly strange, overly friendly or standoffish newly met Fitzwilliam relatives.

Williams is so over the top at times, Cocoa Beach sounds like Gone With The Wind. But I have to say, Cocoa Beach is a great read worthy of buying and enjoying the richly layered, beautifully written, fantastical stories held between its boundaries. Best book of 2017! Momzinga.com.


Jul 17

THE QUIET CHILD: A Must Read This Summer!

Devour The Quiet Child, written by John Burley in one day. The Quiet Child careens along  faster than a speeding bullet. Truthfully, The Quiet Child can be read in one day, because Burley has packed every sentence with information. It’s fascinating to read a book so well written that Burley’s book should be a hardcover beauty obviously written for hardcore Stephen King fans.

I’m still not over The Quiet Child! It’s a scary ride of intensity leaving readers thinking, “OMG! How evil can someone be?” The ending left me feeling shocked and wondering if the story continues in another book, perhaps? Yes, The Quiet Child is left on a cliffhanger.

The Quiet Child rivals Stephen King’s masterpieces. Set in the summer of 1954 in Cottonwood, California , a small town of a few souls that are slowly departing. Townsfolk think Danny McCray is secretly conjuring up ways to kill every member of the community by giving them a long, horrible cancer-like death. No decent or indecent person is missed in Danny’s supposed six year old brain for murderous intentions. Danny’s older brother Sean does everything to protect Danny against loud mouthed neighbors, kids and kin. Danny’s mother  becomes hopelessly ill soon after Danny is prematurely born. Danny manages to hang on , fight for survival and live on, as his loving,  supportive mother becomes sicker.

Danny and his older brother are mysteriously taken by a stranger as their father gets ice cream for the boys. The stranger steals the car when Sean tries to fight off the thief who is really stealing Danny to get rid of the evil child.

John Burley includes memorabilla about big cars, rotary phones, phone booths, old technology we no longer use, but many Americans probably would like to still have around, instead of today’s trendy tech tools..

What happens in The Quiet Child is sickening but propels readers along , because we have to find out what happens to the two kids, especially Danny who this insane man wants to kill. Besides, how does a complete stranger know that Danny may possess an evil force causing people to die? Momzinga.com.


Jul 13


Derp eyes


My father always told me  to get something done everyday. He said , “You need to accomplish something everyday. You need to get work done to feel good about yourself.” My Dad died 25 years ago and I still miss his words of wisdom, his sense of humor and the way he walked around the house singing operatic songs in the way over the top way opera singers do—-complete with the hand gestures and the classical music wailing away from upstairs from my parents’ bedroom.

My Dad was a very smart man, and I miss him everyday of my life. MY Dad was so smart, he read science, nature and history books everyday. Besides reading five books a week, working full time, he took care of his family. He took care of his three kids. He took care of his wife.

When my mother worked full time for about two years, after my sister and brother left home, I was the last kid left at home and  was told not to get into trouble. So I cleaned the house , did laundry and made meals for myself, because I was 14 , we just moved into a new neighborhood, I didn’t know anyone and none of the kids in this new neighborhood came outside to hang out. So to keep from being bored I did stuff around the house—-boring as hell stuff, but I did it. I vacuumed the bottom of the pool and took over daily maintenance of the pool because I wanted to get something done.. I wanted to feel good about myself. I wanted to accomplish something.. And I cut down the shrubs in front of the house during the spring and summer out of sheer boredom.

But it made me feel better, Getting something done everyday made me feel good about myself. I felt good inside. I wasn’t attaining new found riches, but I was learning life skills, how to take care of a house, how to cut the bushes, how to do laundry, how to take care of myself.

I digress, but this is what the main meaning of this Momzinga post; do something you are proud of everyday. Get some work done. It will make you feel better. Hard work makes you feel good. Even jumping out of bed every morning and making your bed makes you feel good. My Dad was 100 percent right—get something done everyday. Momzinga.com.

Jul 12



Fleetwood Mac sang a song way back in 1979 about never breaking the chain. A group of people in Panama City, Florida didn’t break the chain, in fact they formed a human chain thus saving numerous lives on a Florida beach. They made a saving grace choice of the ultimate sacrifice and did what decent people do—-they saved numerous lives of people who were drowning.

Derek Simmons, 26, and his wife, Jessica Simmons, 29, came up with the idea to start the chain when they saw a group of around nine swimmers struggling to stay afloat off the coast of Panama City Beach, Florida.
“The only thing that popped into my mind was if you’ve ever watched ants, when one of their babies is in trouble and can’t move, they start making a chain in order to pass them down the line to get them to safety,” Derek Simmons, of Panama City, told ABC News. “That’s the only thing I was thinking of, if we’re arm to arm, we can get them.”

The swimmers, who reportedly included two young boys and a group of adults who swam out to rescue them, were caught in the water around 6:30 p.m., after the beach’s lifeguards had left for the day, according to Simmons.

One of the swimmers, Brittany Monroe, 25, said she and her wife, Tabatha Monroe, 35, were out on their boogie boards and saw the two boys, who were also in the water with boogie boards, in distress.

Link to video here http://www.mysuncoast.com/news/state/video-strangers-form-human-chain-to-save-distressed-swimmers-in/article_f49b0a98-663c-11e7-9f6c-87c6deee3b3f.html

“We grabbed the kids and tried to start swimming in and it just kept pulling us back,” Brittany Monroe said of the current. “The water was really strong [on Saturday] but where we were it wasn’t pulling us. When we got to where the kids were, that’s when we realized we were stuck.”

Brittany Monroe said she and her wife, who were visiting from Georgia, were soon joined by the elementary-age boys’ mother, grandmother and uncle, who also swam out to help. Brittany Monroe was able to swim far enough in to reach three teenage boys, who brought her to the shore.

“I couldn’t get back in the water. My lungs were full of water and I couldn’t breathe,” she said. “Everybody that would come by me, I would holler at them that my wife was out there, kids were out there, that they had to join the chain.”

The chain started with a group of around five people.

“A lot of people were like, ‘There’s no way we’re getting in the water, we’re going to get swept out,’ but I guess they just swallowed the pride pill and they just got in,” Simmons said of watching the chain of strangers grow. “It was pretty amazing stuff for it to be different races, different genders, different ages; everybody got together to help.”

Simmons, who described the ocean conditions as normal that day, and his wife were at the end of the chain. They would swim out to the distressed swimmers and pull them back to the chain one by one. The chain was then anchored by people on shore who would pull them back to safety.

“[Jessica and I] are no Olympic swimmers, not even Coast Guard swimmers but just two average people who spend a lot of time in the water,” Simmons said. “Everybody that was involved is a hero in my book.”

The chain eventually grew to around 40 people, according to a police report obtained by ABC News. The report estimates the swimmers were stuck nearly 70 yards away from the shoreline.

Rosalind Beckton, 38, was at the beach with her 12-year-old son and caught the rescue effort on camera.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Beckton said of the nearly one-hour rescue. “I didn’t know what to do but people were moving fast and they were just putting their heads together and making it happen all at once.”

Beckton said police were on the scene but were waiting for a boat to arrive to rescue the swimmers. The strangers formed the human chain on their own, she said.

“I call them heroes. They were so brave to get out there and risk their lives to save others,” said Beckton, who offered her CPR services on shore. “We were rejoicing when they all got out, people were giving out hugs.”

All the swimmers were pulled safely to shore, while two, including Brittany Monroe, were taken to a local hospital for further treatment, according to the police report. Brittany Monroe, who was treated for water in her lungs, is now home recovering.

Simmons said he and his wife were just happy to be in the right place at the right time, and to see the good in people.

“It was humbling to know that we still live in a world that still has some humanity left,” he said. “My gratitude is for the people who were risking their lives as being part of the chain.”

Jul 12


Nick White’s first attempt at writing a novel, How To Survive A Summer touches on the touchy subject of being a gay guy born into a super religious family, in the bowels of the South where being gay is not accepted. Essentially Will’s pastor father does not accept who he really is. His mother knows and more than accepts him for who he is, letting him know he is loved by feeding him way too much fattening food. Will’s mother loves him because she knows everyone is different because she has a past history of being different and being ‘saved’ by her husband.

But Will is not saved by his father, and is sent to a summer camp for gay boys to straighten them out, where horrible memories abound, and haunt Will until he reaches his late 20’s. Will is a mess until he comes to grips with how hypocritical his father is, and how Will must accept himself. In fact, Will’s religious summer camp ‘straightening out’ is made into a horror movie. The movie scares the living Bejesus out of Will until he jumps under a desk at work, literally hiding from what happened. Then he hops in his car and runs away from it all.

At times Nick White’s How To Survive A Summer is written so beautifully and poetically, I wanted to read it as fast as possible. At other times, Summer seems to halt to a stop and the story becomes dull, and I was left wondering when does White actually tell the story of what happened at the ‘changing a boy’s sexual identity summer camp’. (Sounds fun doesn’t it?)

How To Survive a Summer is written in biography form, is both a good read and a strange read. White stops and starts the action and tells the story without telling the story—which I have to say aggravated me. Summer needed more action and not just telling how Will’s family was so screwed up mentally. Momzinga.com.

Jul 10



Without a doubt, Based On A True Story is the best psychological thriller of 2017, possibly the best book of 2017. Already introduced to Parisians, Delphine de Vigan is taking the world by storm as she introduces us to L. who is a complete NUT CASE!

Delphine de Vigan is seduced by a strange woman who suddenly appears in her life, now that she is a famous writer telling her life story of shock and horror. At the same time she is receiving wacked out letters from what appears to be this woman of mystery and intrigue, Delphine is glowing in her recent success from her bestselling book.

The confident, beautiful L. appears suddenly by de Vigan’s’s side seducing her in a story taking readers through a ride of a lifetime. But did this really happen, or did Delphine who is a writer make it all up? Is something wrong with Delphine de Vigan? Is L trying to take over de Vigan’s life? Is this a real story? Did this really happen?

Based On A True Story , whether it really happened or not, is a beautifully written psychological thriller. I became wrapped up in True Story right away, and sped through it, while getting a lot of work done taking occasional breaks to spend with my family.
Based on a True Story is riveting, and entrancing like Delphine has put a spell on us.

As Based On A True Story moves swiftly along, Delphine ever so cleverly feeds us necessary information which made me feel like I was watching a Hitchcock movie, and like I was part of what was happening. True Story is so cleverly written I found myself saying, “Tell L. to go away.”

L. slowly but confidently takes over Delphine’s life, even going as far as to answer all of her correspondence so secretly and cleverly all in front of Delphine—while she watches and feels okay about what is going on. Delphine even wonders in the book why she didn’t do anything about what is going on, and realizes L. may not have ever existed. L. is a psycho; she confidently stares down a man bullying his wife, then shoves him without looking back, out of a train. Momzinga.com.

Jul 10


good enough amirite

I noticed this thing I started doing after having two children and becoming a thoroughly entrenched stay at home mom, I was treating my husband like a little kid. After licking my finger, reaching past my husband’s chair to clean his face of some Pepsi one night at dinner, he balked and started making fun of me by leaving stuff on his face during dinner.

I realized I was doing the same thing I had done with the kids. I’d clean their faces off or point at them from across the table and stare at the messy spot, until they got it and wiped their faces clean. It’s so funny, but after having two kids, now 26 and 18, I still do this. My husband sits at the dinner table with food on his face or on his lips. He does this at every meal, because he knows it drives me crazy. I point at his face, as he leaves it there to piss me off. With the kids it was easier because I would just wipe their faces off, or stare that Mom glare across the table on holidays.

But yes, I have noticed that since having my kids and they are so much more grown up now, and I am no longer continually wiping faces, and doing 12 loads of laundry a day, I have more time on my hands. I am continually harassing, I guess you’d call it, my husband, by yelling across the room when he is bored with a TV show we are watching and starts shuffling paperwork noisily. I know my kids were noisy, but my husband seems to have gotten noisier the longer we are married. (Is he losing his hearing, or what?)
So, of course, I yell at him from across the room as he sits there glaring at me, rubbing paper together or balling up a piece of paper to throw at me.

I know when our kids were much younger, I would talk to my husband like he was a little kid also. I’d say, “Let’s go to the beach, today and build sandcastles!” My husband would start griping, “No, it’s too hot outside.” While the kids ran to their bedrooms,locked the doors, so they could stay home and not have to deal with the ensuing inevitable argument of my thoughts of beach frolicking and my husband’s unwillingness to get out of his living room chair. I would have everything packed up and ready to go in 2 minutes flat, while my family members were hiding in unknown places to not be found, to go to the beach with Mom. (Who doesn’t like going to he beach?)
Yes, I treat my husband like a little kid, but aren’t ALL men little kids inside? Momzinga.com.

Jul 07



EVERYONE, not just SMART MOMS, need to read more books. Reading is one of the best things Moms should do for their brains. Reading keeps the mind actively working, which not only makes Moms smarter but keeps brain diseases at bay. (I read my way back after having a nasty stroke.) Active readers learn more about proper grammar, decent spelling, how to write, and talk in a more knowledgeable manner. Active readers also learn more about the world, current events and have a better chance than non-book readers of getting a good job. Read books on being a leader, being happier, more religious and discover an entirely new world, just by reading.

For a mere twenty dollars, buying and reading a book is a cheaper alternative than going to see a movie at a theater. Reading books is also a lot cheaper than going to college, now isn’t it?

People who read books learn more about the world, a different city, town, state, get a history lesson, gain more knowledge of various subjects or a little known subject which can be used to entertain friends. Even reading seriously popular books like Fifty Shades of Grey is a good thing to do, because now Moms have something to talk to other Moms about.

Depending on time constraints, read a book a week, one a month or do like I do, read three books a week. I’m not bragging or anything, but I literally read three books a week.
I work from home writing, and I live in the country. Here in Central Pa is an area starved for something to do, besides growing crops, gossiping with neighbors and going online, there isn’t much to do. Unless my family and I drive to the nearest big city for more art, entertainment choices, there isn’t much to do.

Do what I do, besides complaining a lot, read a book—today—-it’s good for the brain! Momzinga.com.

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