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I love to read!! I have reviewed over 250 books this past year, not to impress you, but to give you the insight into which books are good, or bad. In other words which books are worth spending your hard earned cash on. I’ve reviewed so many books, I’ve learned so much about Nantucket Island with several great summer reads; Ever After, The Rumor, Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat? which was laugh out loud funny!! I read and reviewed Blackout, Dorito Effect The Food Babe’s book, The Plantpower Way—I learned so much about bad foods I am too afraid to eat anything but Oreos. The only semi-food on their lists they did not say were bad for you! I even reviewed a few movies and TV shows to help you out, and discovered why I adore Netflix so much!

The Hiltons: An American Dynasty, written by Randy J. Taraborrelli, may seem like a script for a soap opera, but it really isn’t; it’s the true story of numerous people who all became a part of this incredibly interesting American family

The prolific James Patterson is out with another installment of the NYPD Red series with the second book in the set, cleverly titled NYPD Red 2

Author Denise Keirnan delivers a literal blast from the past with the paperback edition of her bestseller The Girls of Atomic City

Stylist Rachel Zoe gives Moms the guidebook for Living in Style

There’s nothing like a laugh out loud comedy, for Momzinga Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy fill the bill with The Heat

What’s it like growing up in a family of 19 brothers and sisters? Learn more in the new book Growing Up Duggar.

Anne Bishop’s new book is A Sensually Charged Book For Moms To Read in a Hurry; Murder of Crows

Momzinga is a huge Janet Evanovich fan, notably the Stephanie Plumb series. Here’s our take on her latest effort with Lee Goldberg, The Chase.

Flora by Gail Godwin is a disturbingly well written take on a very intelligent child gone bad.

Dave Barry’s new book, You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty is a funny collection of his uproariously hilarious meanderings.

Orange is the New Black – is a Netflix original program from the creator of Weeds, Jenji Kohan. Here’s the Momzinga take on this great show.

Life is good we actually love vacuuming again now that Momzinga has the Shark Navigator. Here are the results of our test drive.

Child star Candace Cameron is out with a new book Balancing It All that offers up practical advice on life, love, kids and well balancing it all!

A BEAUTIFUL,TERRIBLE THING: Seems Like A Book Written About Bill Clinton

A Beautiful, Terrible Thing reminds me of a movie written about former president Bill Clinton, who was impeached, by the way. Jen Waite falls for a charming, flirtatious bartender who is seriously good looking. While living in New York City, working as a waitress, waiting for her big break as an actor, she meets Marco …

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  1. Bill Schutt

    Thanks for the wonderful review of our novel Hell’s Gate. It might be my very favorite so far. It’s certainly the funniest. I’m very happy you enjoyed it!


      Thank you! I loved Hell’s Gate—very involving, well written, fast paced. Can’t wait for another!

  2. Bill Schutt

    Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History (Algonquin Books) will be out on Valentine’s Day 2017. Just finishing up the sequel to Hell’s Gate.

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