Mom Jeans

At 18, my son found of picture of me from 1995, with my jeans pulled up to my stomach, my big 1980’s glasses falling down my nose, while looking miserably uncomfortable.
Nobody wants to wear Mom jeans, but just about every mom has had to wear mom jeans at one time or another. Jessica Simpson wore mom jeans a couple of years back and even our president wore mom jeans. Mom jeans is all about people wearing the wrong clothes kind of like the people of Walmart wear the wrong clothes or none at all while shopping at Walmart.

Rick-rolling in Mom Jeans Style!

A SUPER CUTE CAT PIC!! AN AWWWW MOMENT!! The best Mom Jeans moment yet!

What better way to kick off our Mom Jeans feature than with the Mom Jeans in Chief, Barack Obama. Who by the way throws like a girl.


  1. Diane Dobbs

    Hey! I think Mom jeans get a bad rap! They come up high enough to suck everything in and if you wear a long sweater, no one know they’re Mom jeans anyway!


      HAHA! Diane, they pull in your stomach, but I like the jeans that are lower. Then I can actually breath.

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