Weird News Wednesday

Weird News Wednesday: Where Momzinga gives you the Weirdest news of the day which might happen right in your town, or maybe in your house! The first Weird News Wednesday has been written. Read how a Salt Lake City Mom is trying to save kids from the sex sells message one t-shirt at a time!

Why not just stop bullying before it starts? This Mom shows us how.

A flying bouncy house! No really! A flying Bouncy House!

Heave some stylish footwear at the former First Lady/Secretary of State and make a love connection with a certifiable killer! Makes sense on Weird News Wednesday!

What does the group PETA and notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer have in common? Why Weird News Wednesday of course.

A ten year old girl gets her Katniss on and uses rocks to stop a would be kidnapper in this installment of Weird News Wednesday

Nothing says sexy like Walgreens! Bad boys and girls in this installment of Weird New Wednesday

My husband just announced he’s on a new health kick…but he cam home with a huge bag on dark chocolate and strawberries. Wonder what he’s got on his mind on this Weird News Wednesday

Hitch up your mule and go west! The new gold rush is on! And Momzinga is all over it with Weird News Wednesday.

One Mom is on a mission to protect kids! from indecent T-Shirts! Momzinga has the lowdown with Weird News Wednesday.

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