Manslice Monday

Manslice Monday— with good looking guys featured every Monday to start your work week on a highpoint: Sting, Shemar Moore, Jon Rzeznik, Michael Hutchence, Jon Bon Jovi—the cutest men are all here—waiting for you!!

Momzinga is ready to get her jiggy on with this week’s Manslice Monday Will Smith

Momzinga had a near miss brush with fame with a very young Jon Bon Jovi…still sad about the one that got away. He’s this week’s Manslice Monday

Momzinga thinks Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was hot when he was younger. No really…not kidding! Check out this Manslice Monday

Momzinga is in the mood to look back at rockers who rocked the sexy when they were younger. The original do Ya Think I’m Sexy Rod Stewart kicks things off.

Once again Momzinga has gone country to find Manslice Monday number 12; Billy Ray Cyrus

Criminal Minds may not be Momzinga’s cup of tea, but the show’s star Shemar Moore is definitely our slice of man, and our 11th Manslice Monday

Momzinga has gone country again for this week’s Manslice Monday, our ninth entry is country crooner Luke Bryan

Country hunk Tim McGraw is not only our first musician entry but also the 7th Manslice Monday.

Liam Hemsworth makes it our first brother set by following in the footsteps of his older sibling Chris, as this week’s Manslice Monday.

Chris Hemsworth makes it back to back Aussie hunks, by being this week’s Manslice Monday

Aussie hunk Eric Bana has made quite a career for himself appearing in loads of films, odd that I can’t remember the names of any of them…but he’s still this week’s Manslice Monday

Daniel Craig Whenever I see the very British sexy Bond hottie, Daniel Craig, I suddenly feel my knees getting weak. Is it any wonder that he’s our Manslice Monday

Johnny Depp the man who made Captain Jack Sparrow a funny, likeable , sexy captain, is the second Momzinga’s Manslice Monday!

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