About Momzinga.com

After my husband threatened to cut off the Internet connection to our house, a light bulb went off over my head; I started my own website.

I started my journey into hell, umm, I mean a newfound journey into a world of numerous possibilities. Never being a good lemming, I figured following the pack was not my thing. I never wanted to work at a cubicle listening to other people work. I wanted to do more.

That was when I had my LIGHTBULB moment. I changed my life by starting an exciting, new, different website. I knew what I didn’t want—the same old women’s magazine making women feel insecure. That was the easy part, figuring out what I didn’t want in a women’s website. That’s when Momzinga was born.

Momzinga.com is a website offering motivation, inspiration, and down time just for moms to get book reviews, product reviews, read about famous moms and their careers,and enjoy reading the daily interesting, fun updates.

Instead of worrying and doing all of the work, it’s time to add a little zing to your life. It’s time to enjoy yourself. Think of Momzinga.com as your new best friend, because I’m here to laugh with you, tell jokes, empower you to do more, give some wise advice, and go boldly where no woman has gone before.

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