Mar 30

Rachel Zoe’s Living in Style: DEVOUR THIS!


Read Rachel Zoe’s Living In Style; it will feel make you like a style icon, not just a hardworking, driven, motivated mom. You will feel better just by looking at the pictures in the book.


I felt very chic reading Rachel Zoe’s new book, Living in Style. I was literally in my pajamas sitting in my office reading this book, practically devouring the beauty Living in Style entrances moms with.

Rachel Zoe’s book is escapism for women to discover the fashion world of design. Hardworking moms gain insight on how to develop a sense of style, infusing it with advice and tips from Zoe. It makes you feel stylish, pretty; kind of like a gorgeous super model like Iman once was, like Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell still are today.

Living In Style made me feel like I was living way out of my comfort zone. But Rachel says that’s okay; discover what your comfort zone of wearing clothing, jewelry and stylish accessories really is. How else will you find out unless you experiment?


Living in Style is a beautiful book; packed with dramatically stunning pictures of Rachel and her fashion role models, as well as many beautiful super models such as Cindy Crawford, Bianca Jagger, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. There are tons of amazing pics of fashionable clothing from the 1960’s the 1970’s; showing where Rachel gets her amazing style sense from.
In fact, you could just buy the book and look at the pretty pictures, still capturing the essence of the book and how you can improve your life. Rachel shows her struggle to get to the top of the fashion industry intermingling it with her daily life, taking care of the kids, how she started her career, and how she developed her career and grew with it by being flexible, but sticking to her vibrant colors as well as her mirrored gold and silver dresses.
Zoe gives expert advice on what she does helping moms become style mavens for every day. Even if that means wearing a shirt with spit up all over it; according to Zoe half the battle is having the confidence to carry it off, and be happy with the life you are living. Copyright (c) 2014!

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