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grossOkay at first I thought it was great, that women were standing up for themselves. Women were finally standing up standing strong, being fierce and taking steps towards making strides of not being victims anymore. Many prestigious, wealthy powerful men have been taking advantage of women by using women as tools to get what they want for thousands of  years. Women have been the butt of jokes in boardrooms for years. Women are still called bitches if we are bossy. Men aren’t. So why the double standard?

Men have been using their powerful positions as Owners, CEO’s of companies to get what they want for hundreds/thousands of years. Just watch The Other Boleyn Girl and see how poorly women were treated by not only powerful kings, but by men in general way back when in the middle ages. Women had to marry men their fathers told them to, to  gain land and money. Women were literally used as if they were cattle to be married off to men with a dowry attached .  Then their families gained  more power, money and status in society.Men married the youngest women—who were teenagers,  with a herd of cattle or land to give to her older husband. Young teens were married off to older men  who were landowners,

It was unreal!

Today some women(not every woman involved in METOO) #METOO are using the #METOO movement to make money. At first, I thought it was a good thing for women to strike back against  revolting men like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer and all the other men who sexually harassed, molested women. But the #METOO movement has gone too far with targeting just about every rich, powerful man in America. Olympic Gold medalist Shaun White is the current target—because he is being seen by women as a tool to get what they want—money. Ben Affleck was named as an abuser of women. What, you mean THE ROCK hasn’t been named a  female molester by the #METOO movement?

Rose McGowan looks like a self inflicted mess who desperately needs intensive therapy, not ranting to women about how she was sexually abused. Didn’t Lena Dunham say she was sexually molested also, when in fact in one of her books she said she sexually molested her younger sister? By the way I am not making this a political post, I am just stating the irony going on in America today.

To drive my point home that the #METOO movement is all about some women, not all women gaining fame and money just see how Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is using women’s naked bodies to empower women. REALLY? How does writing words on naked models bodies empower women?

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