Feb 13

Carnegie’s Maid:Too Much History, Not Enough Intrigue, Romance, Fun!

CARNEGIE’S MAID could have been a GREAT book if Marie Benedict simply kept the action going. How about a romp in the sack? How about Clara getting a REAL night off of fun and romance?

Benedict needed to actually name the two bickering Carnegie brothers instead of saying the elder Carnegie, and the younger Carnegie. It was confusing!!

Benedict tells the story of a mid 1860’s Irish woman who travels to America alone to find a job to send home her pay for her family’s survival, during the Irish famine. She is serving  Mrs. Carnegie in 1860’s Pittsburg, PA in indentured servitude. Mrs. Carnegie is a nasty, intelligent woman that kind of sounds like a cross between a mob-boss’s wife and  like she is one of the reality TV show stars of the Wives of series.

She’s the real boss behind the family’s sudden rise to wealth and stature in American society.

Carnegie is ruthless, smart and nasty, but also insecure and asks for Clara’s help in how to look good. When in reality Mrs. Carnegie should be asking how to treat people decently. What got me was how the other servants are nastier to the young, pretty Clara than Mrs. Carnegie is.

Andrew Carnegie falls in love with Clara, who really isn’t Clara, because she takes the job due to the real Clara not showing up at the train station.

What I got was a history lesson, and some fantastic reading, but then Marie Benedict halts the storyline to suddenly make all action become suspended animation. Carnegie’s Maid would have been a  much better book if Benedict had carried on with the story, made for more meetings between Clara and  Andrew Carnegie and thrown in some intimacy! Momzinga.com!

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