Feb 12

Who Are The Best Rock Guitarist(s) of All Time—MANSLICE MONDAY: Billy Gibbons and Eddie Van Halen

The best rock  guitarists of all time are a tie between ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen. Eric Clapton and  Jimi Hendrix were God-like but Prince was better. I could have made this a top ten list, including Prince, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix but this time around I did not.

Billy Gibbons and Eddie Van Halen are also my Manslice Monday guys—because they are the absolute best rock guitarists  of all time!! Lord knows it is not for their looks, Billy Gibbons is a skinny, but laid back 69 year old Southern Dude who plays guitar so well he impresses the hell out of anyone who goes to see ZZ TOP live. Still playing in ZZ TOP since the 1960’s, Gibbons combines Southern rock, rock, the blues and rhythm and blues to create a rocking, bombastic style all his own. Songbilly-gibbons- - Copys he and his two other bandmates have created over the years still today blow me away like Sharp Dressed Man, La Grange, and You Got Me Under Pressure.





Eddie Van Halen is one of the best guitarists ever born unto this earth because he can play the hell out of a guitar. Just name some of the best rock songs ever and Van Halen’s Eruption comes to mind. Eruption along with Ain’t Talking About Love. Eddie Van Halen combines soul, blues and rock to create his own almost perfect guitar sound.Valierie Bertinelli who married Eddie back in 1981 said he played guitar all the time to get that new sound out to the world that he heard in his head. She said when they were in a hotel one time while he was touring that to not wake her up in the middle of the night, he went into a closet and she woke up anyways hearing him playing guitar.

eddie - Copy

Eddie Van Halen is a God among men as was Eric Clapton back in his day. “Clapton is God.” was trumpeted all over England forty years ago, but I have to say I do not think, Clapton is one of the best guitarists of all time. Nope, that is Eddie Van Halen and Billy Gibbons who still to his day play guitar so well. See what practice does for you?! Momzinga.com.

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