Feb 09

Will Naming Your Daughter A Gender Neutral Name Gain Instant Fame and Recognition?

ur getting thisYou just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, or you are that baby girl who is thinking of changing your name. Now in the grand scheme of things, you want to be noticed. You want your baby to have a different name, a gender neutral name to be noticed. You want something completely different than everyone else, so your baby gets the attention she deserves.

So to be noticed you  name your baby something everyone will remember like Kyle, Branch, Andi, Sawyer, Alex, Army, Darby, Dale, Snyder, Lake or Sam to gain recognition. Or people take a celebrity’s name like Will Smith or Kylie Jenner and use that on Twitter, Facebook, and every online site  to gain money making instant fame.

That’s what you think!

Personally, I think it takes hard work, talent and having a hard work ethic to get what you want out of life.

It takes what you were taught when you were a kid. Unless you sleep your way to the top or do what Omarosa, Trump’s former White House aide, which he never should have hired, because she is an attention seeking whore. Too harsh? Well somebody had to say it.

So, does naming  a female person, a girl, a baby, a gender neutral name gain instant recognition? Hell yeah! But then  people get used to girls and boys being named gender neutral names.   And then you have to up the ante,   naming kids really creative, truly different names  to get attention. You have to do more to get noticed. Momzinga.com.


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