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A. J. Finn
A. J. Finn is a guy!
I thought the author of The Woman in the Window, which is a spectacular read, was written by a middle aged woman who knew what it was like to be a person who had a really crappy thing happen to her. I thought it was a female writer by how A. J. Finn really gets into the character’s head, and makes Anna sound so helpless, meek, and grief stricken. An absolutely wonderful book—you have to read The Woman in the Window! Fox 2000 is currently making The Woman in the Window, which is very much like  Hitchcock’s Rear Window—-but better—is being made into a thrilling movie. By the way—this is A.J. Finn’s debut novel.
A.J. Finn used a fake name for his writing career, because he also is a publisher and because he thought if nobody bought his book, he didn’t want everyone to know his real name. Guess he didn’t want to be embarrassed, huh?

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW is a debut novel that Stephen King describes as “remarkable” and  that Finn calls “the best I could do.” Guess which quote appears on the jacket?

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW has been sold in 40 territories around the world and is currently in development as a major film at Fox 2000, to be produced by Oscar winner Scott Rudin and written by Pulitzer winner Tracy Letts. Finn really wants a cameo in the movie, in case anyone asks.

He could walk through, just like Hitchcock did in his movies.

Finn spent a decade working in publishing in both New York and London, with a particular emphasis on thrillers and mysteries. Authors he published or helped acquire over the years include Robert Galbraith (aka J. K. Rowling), Agatha Christie, Patricia Cornwell, Carl Hiaasen, Nelson DeMille, and Karin Slaughter.Momzinga.com!

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