Feb 05

Super Bowl 52’s REAL Winner: Frank Reich(Former Buffalo Bills Back Up Quarterback)

See the source imageAfter five trips to the Super Bowl, understated, almost completely ignored, former backup quarterback for The Buffalo Bills, finally won a Super Bowl. Something Jim Kelly can’t say.

Oh no, he didn’t actually play in Super Bowl 52, but Reich did something just as impressive. Hired  by the Philadelphia Eagles, as their offensive coordinator, in 2016, Reich took on the role as a leader yet again and helped the Eagles win Super Bowl 52. From what I saw, even though I wasn’t going to watch the game, I saw Reich coordinating an effort at ensuring the Super Bowl win for the Eagles. What did Frank Reich do that was so important?

Go back to the early 1990’s NFL football season and watch as Reich who impressively stepped up to the proverbial plate and helped the Bills win game after game to get a chance to go to four Super Bowls. And yes, lose four times, but Reich knew and obviously knows what he is doing. From what I saw the Eagles were taking plays straight from 56 year old Reich’s 1990’s playbook. The Eagles quarterback pulled a fast one, and  ran over into the end zone to make a touchdown. Hello, this is straight from the Buffalo Bills early ’90’s playbook!

These impressive plays the Bills made years ago, got them to the Super Bowl, and got Frank Reich a Super Bowl ring!! YAY!!

That’s why I picked former Buffalo Bill’s backup quarter back to star in a Momzinga.Manslice Monday!!

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