Feb 05

Molly’s Game: Exactly Who Gets Played in Molly’s Game?

MOLLY’S GAME WRITTEN BY MOLLY BLOOM, a former star on the U. S. Ski Team, at the top of her game was known as the poker princess. At 26, she was running underground poker games, raking in the dough, and was arrested with the government taking her money away.

After reading Molly’s Game, I felt like I was the one who was played. I love to read every kind of book, but when it is filled with throwing away a promising career, taking shortcuts to the world of immediate riches,  someway you will get caught doing something wrong. Bloom gets caught at running  underground, possibly illegal poker games for celebrities, millionaire athletes and spoiled, rich billionaires. How did she think they were going to act? Like they loved her for not doing everything they wanted?

The book reads like a movie script—which sounds exactly like another movie I’ve watched about ten times because I loved it—–Goodfellas. After watching the trailer for Bloom’s movie , the movie seemed better, the book carries on way too much about poker, and all of Bloom’s administrative duties. She tells about her job to an umpteenth degree.

I wanted to read more about the pampered, spoiled, elite poker playing I want everything now celebrities, athletes and billionaires. I didn’t want to read all about what Molly worked at. I wanted action, inside info on what these guys are really like. Bloom hardly throws readers any really juicy stuff except when Toby McGuire orders her to get down on all fours and bark like a dog. When she refuses, he becomes more of a Hollywood elite Idiot than we ever imagined. He’s pissed off that he is losing game after expensive game and takes it out on Bloom.

But I have to say, I didn’t feel sorry for her. You play with the big dogs, you have to run with the big dogs.

Overall, I found Molly’s game to be a player playing readers into reading Molly’s Game, which isn’t all it promises to be. I’m hoping the movie is better. Momzinga.com.






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