Feb 02

Styling For Instagram: Create Art For the Internet

Styling for InstagramBold, beautiful and a breath of fresh air. Aspiring to the three B’s, Styling For Instagram professional photographer  Leela Cyd,created a beautifully inspirational book to create art for the Internet.

Cyd will make you  more Instagram savvy by writing a book on how to take, bold, beautiful, breath of fresh air pictures. I could almost smell the roses pictured inside Styling For Instagram, that’s how well done the pictures are.

I can tell you this about Styling For Instagram—the book is beautiful. It is packed with helpful, artistic information on how to make your pictures stand out. And this is not just a book to use on Instagram. Almost all of the helpful, gorgeous, motivational information given in the pages of Leela Cyd’s instructional, yet glorious book can be used on every online site, as in Facebook, Twitter and for every blog, website owner that wants to create art!

Styling For Instagram is a book that will not be cast aside, but will be looked at and coveted into the future, because it is just that inspiring. It’s a photography book that teaches readers how to take better pictures and it is a course we don’t have to leave home or pay tons of money to get a master’s degree in art theory and composition at a prestigious, expensive college. Styling For Instagram is an in-depth can do book motivating readers to take better, more beautiful, fully composed, pictures.

My artistic daughter who knows everything about colors is devouring Styling For Instagram! Momzinga.com,

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