Jan 29


ew bingFleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham was propelled into major fame and stardom as the lead guitar player for Fleetwood Mac way back in the time machine of life, when He could sing, he could play guitar and he looked great doing it.

I literally played  Fleetwood Mac and Rumours through to the other side as I listened to Stevie Nick’s haunting songs of love and a woman scorned. I adored Lindsey’s songs also with ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Holiday Road’. I listened to Fleetwood Mac for years.

I loved Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar virtuso playing, considering he doesn’t use a pick. I adored his style, the way he looked and how he and Stevie Nicks interacted on stage. They played well off of each other, even though there was trouble in paradise.

wehBuckingham was born in 1949, in California. He started dating Nicks in high school. The two lived together as Stevie waitressed, while Buckingham played guitar all day and night and wrote songs. They formed a band in 1972, garnered a recording contract in 1973, and Buckingham was heard singing and playing guitar as Mick Fleetwood by chance, was looking for a new lead guitar player for Fleetwood Mac.

And get this, Fleetwood only wanted to bring Buckingham into Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey would only sign on, if Stevie Nicks was allowed to be in the band. Music history was changed forever as Buckingham/Nicks as a band, became the front players for the internationally famous Fleetwood Mac.

In all of this Lindsey Buckingham managed to date other women and eventually marry the mother of his three children.



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