Jan 29

Lolita Look Out Because the Girl Unknown Is 100 Percent Psycho!

booomGirl Unknown is an intense thriller of emotionally charged situations and adult lives explored. It all starts with a bang and then ends with a surprise ending that never really ends. David’s daughter from a previous relationship suddenly shows up where he works as a college professor in Ireland. She surprises him with showing up because David never knew he had a daughter with another woman.

David and Caroline have a comfortable married life with past indiscretions and adult life problems going on and their two children are growing up into teens when his almost 19 year old daughter pops up out of nowhere to ruin his life.

Oh Zoe acts like this is not her intention, but she is out for immature revenge. She claims her mother has died, she lived with her step father who did not care about her. So David being a  wonderfully gullible fool takes the Girl Unknown, (Zoe) into his home where she starts reeking havoc on Caroline and David’s well established marriage. She pits the couple against each other. She uses every male within two feet of  including their 15 year old son and a  middle aged family friend.

She’s young, vibrant, skinny, has long blond hair and is an artist at ruining lives. Lolita look out because the Girl Unknown is out to ruin everyone’s life.

Girl Unknown is written by two authors  combining their names into Karen Perry. They expertly and cleverly have written a book that readers will not be able to put down. A great all consuming read! I had to know what  happened next. I found myself thinking that this situation could really happen to anyone.

Girl Uknown is expertly written by two people who know exactly what they are doing to readers. They are leading us on, tempting us with words, causing us to read a passionately written book of major intensity. Girl Unknown  should be made into an intense movie! Momzinga.com.

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