Jan 26

BENEATH THE SUGAR SKY: Is Death A Beautiful Thing?

 I love reading all kinds of books, but fantasy YA fiction is not my thing. Beneath The Sugar Sky written by Seanan McGuire is an adventure set in the ‘real world’. But not really. It is a made up world of complete fantasy, written with preteens and teens in mind. It’s a YA book, but nowhere on the book did it have this advertised.

I  became irritated with the unreality of it all. Nothing was real. The kids are all really weird kids. And I’m talking  where we can’t classify them kind of kids. They are from out of this world kind of people. They are not Harry Potter kids  and they are all the oddest of the odd from a made up place from Seanan McGuire’s imagination.

Being the mother of two older children,I could not identify with Beneath The Sugar Sky. As I forced myself to read through the continual descriptions of each child, I simply felt I wanted the plot to move on and characters to stop being introduced and stop being described. In fact, the plot moves too slowly and was short of anything happening, simply describing how things shimmered in the moonlight.

Actions are described by Seanan McGuire in intricate detail. I found the descriptions to be beautiful, but too long. McGuire’s descriptions are stunning and create images in children’s minds where McGuire makes everything, even death and coming back to life beautiful. But I have to say I found what was happening throughout the book kind of gross, and not believable.

I was left wondering if children actually need death and coming back to life being made into a ‘beautiful thing?’ Mominga.com.


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