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You’ve got to read how Matthew McConaughey’s older brother, Rooster, came up with the names for his kids. It’s probably similar to how so many people have taken wine or car names like ‘Mercedes’ to name their kids.

Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Mike “Rooster” McConaughey has teamed up with his longtime partner and friend Wayne “Butch” Gilliam for a new reality TV series on A&E named “Rooster & Butch,” which aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the American Dream.

Rooster McConaughey explains how he named his kids after his favorite beer .


Rooster 3

Rooster (right) & Butch  (Courtesy of A&E Network)

“What happened was I always drank a lot of Miller Lite, always had it ‘round the back of my truck with this big ol’ box and basset hound. I got married. My wife gets pregnant and all my buddies are going, “Hey man, get ready. Your life’s gonna change. You can’t go be riding ‘round with that Miller Lite all the time. Because you’re gettin’ ready to have a kid.” And I went, “You know if things work out, I’ll be able to take Miller Lite to church.”
“And I sure as hell did! [My son is named Miller Lyte. But it’s] L-y-t-e. And so, I got away with it. So my wife gets pregnant again and she goes, “I’m naming this [one] and you stay out of it.” Well, her grandmother’s name’s Margarita. And so she names her Margarita. But in the meantime, they can’t come up with a middle name. She looks over at me and goes, “Can you help us come up with a middle name?” I said “I thought y’all didn’t want me to have none ‘do with it.”

“So I threw out Olympia. They jumped all over it. Little did we know that was the name of a beer. I named my little daughter after a dead beer. But now they’re making it again. And as I tell Miller Lite, if y’all don’t start sponsoring us, I’m gonna start drinking Olympia again.”

I dare someone to name their kids after farm animals like Rooster’s parents did. How about naming your baby ‘Herd’, or ‘Appaloosa’? Momzinga.com!


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