Jan 22

Is The Woman in the Window the Best Psychological Thriller of 2018?

It may be early in the year, but I’m thinking we have already discovered the best psychological thriller, perhaps the best book of 2018, already!

The Woman in the Window is a captivating creation so well written, it is beyond brilliant. A. J. Finn rips up the pages  in an incredible way. Each word is placed carefully to propel readers to the next sentence. Every word Finn writes perfectly describes the action happening. The chapters are razor thin, very similar to James Patterson’s writing style with having short chapters. Finn’s writing style is so propulsive, it makes the book easy to read.

I tore through the first sixty pages in a mere 30 minutes!

But Finn manages to do something even more brilliant than Patterson does. She adds Hitchcock’s and  literary geniuses to the book by merely mentioning their books, and or their movies. In fact The Woman in the Window is a take off on Hitchcock’s brilliant, harrowing, Rear Window.

To top it all off, Anna Fox is a spunky, old fashioned , intelligent character who has wit and sarcasm drawing readers in to figure out what is wrong with such a strong, determined, smart woman.

The Woman in the Window is basically a story about a psychologist who becomes housebound due to suffering from a mental illness (she’s afraid to go outside.). She manifests a world of her own in her large home. Besides watching old movies, she watches her neighbors And she drinks wine all day. She becomes infatuated with her newest neighbors who she watches through the windows.

The Woman in the Window is so fast paced with all kinds of strange things happening. But are they really? As in Rear Window we don’t know what to believe. Is this really happening to Anna, or has she lost it, while dosing herself with booze and medications. The Woman in the Window is without a doubt a book that needs to be read, it is almost impossible to put down.

Btw—The Woman in the Window is being made into a movie by Fox 2000 Studios. Momzinga.com.


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