Jan 18

Is The Chalk Man The New Stephen King It Horror Novel?

chalkWhat do enlightened readers of Stephen King books think? After reading The Chalk Man, does it remind you of anything? Like The Stephen King movie, It? With the Stand By Me element in it, The Chalk Man definitely seems like a cleverly written Stephen King novel.

The Chalk Man is seemingly several genres compiled into one, making for a truly good read. C. J. Tudor fills Chalk Man with horror, ghostly-like hauntings, action and a wonderful round up of a beautiful first novel. The Chalk Man is definitely worth the investment of a small amount of money and time to enjoy a great storyline.It’s cheaper than going to a movie and paying for two people plus drinks and popcorn!!

C. J. Tudor does this awesome thing where she lights the page ablaze with a fire of furious writing, then sets up the next chapter, having readers flipping pages faster than a speeding locomotive.

Somebody is slowly killing Eddie’s friends and enemies in his small England town. Maybe it is the professor who draws, or maybe it is Eddie himself, or maybe it is the chalk man drawings Eddie and his friends drew years ago. We simply have to read The Chalk Man to find out, now don’t we?

The story is told by going back and forth from 1986 to 2016, which  makes The Chalk Man seem like a Stand By Me kids horror/thriller, ghost story. Then C.J. Tudor takes readers into a new area. More characters are introduced, weirdness happens, ghosts appear, chalk drawings are drawn, people get hurt, a creepy teacher becomes involved and the story develops into a really good book!.

I was left wondering if Tudor was using the suddenly illustrated chalk drawings as Stephen King uses the suddenly appearing clowns in his book/movie It.. I highly recommend The Chalk Man for your reading pleasure. Momzinga.com.


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