Jan 16

My Pillow Keeps Moving—Cutest Kids’ Book Ever

pillowWhat can I say I fell in love with My Pillow Keeps Moving written by Laura Gehl. (My Pillow was illustrated by cartoonist Christopher Weyant). I have never reviewed any kids’ books before, because I was trying to keep Momzinga.com more of an adult website—don’t get your mind in the gutter.I am wholeheartily recommending every parent, grandparent, mom, dad, older brother and sister buy My Pillow Keeps Moving for  kids to read. (The recommended ages are between 4 and 8.)

The illustrations are bright, happy and worth looking at. I can see kids looking at this adorable picture book for hours, fascinated by the colorful storytelling pictures obviously drawn by an artist with a wonderful sense of humor. At the same time Gehl manages to capture the essence of a child’s inner beauty, a child-like quality will suddenly find its way into your life. Simply by looking at Weyant’s pictures and by reading this book to a child will enlighten your outlook on life. Now I know why people said to me, “Enjoy your kids while they are young.”

The actual story of a man seemingly blind to the fact that he bought a dog at a pillow store is hilarious. He tries taking the new dog/pillow back to the store, as the dog transforms into furniture and whatever she can to get and keep a loving, warm home. The ending is a surprise one,  which made me laugh out loud. Just imagine how happy My Pillow Keeps Moving will make your kids!! Momzinga.com!!

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