Jan 13

Horrific Abuse of The Only Girl in the World, Seems Unbelievable!

yeaDid the horrific things in The Only Girl in The World really happen? It seems unbelievable that two people would treat their only child so horribly in attempts to make her a superhuman being.It was almost too much to read. But I had to find out how Julien gets away from her tormentors!

After reading about the horrific abuse Maude lived through such as her parents making her swim in ice cold water, making her sit in a dark, dank basement frequented by rats. She was not allowed to have any friends. Relatives were not allowed to visit the small ‘family.’ Maude was told to hold an electric fence for ten minutes at a time.

Her father and mother move her at about four to the country in France to live her life without any comforts of a real home. Her parents are not kind, loving, caring or compassionate towards her. Maude is treated with disdain, made to do farm work at a young age, must wait on her selfish, cruel father hand and foot. Her mother is unstable and cruel.

The abuse Maude is served daily is horrific in an attempt to make Maude super human. The father is crazy, paranoid and self important. He is nuts and thinks the Germans are going to take over the world enslaving all people. He treats his daughter horribly in order to make her stronger. Maude’s parents feed her old food, make her sleep in a bedroom without heat, have her do a lot of housework an adult should be doing not a child.

I was completely sympathetic towards Maude Julien when I started thinking it was almost unbelievable. But yes, The Only Girl in the World is a memoir, not a work of fiction. How could a person survive eating moldy, old food and being sent outside every cold morning in sparse clothing without becoming desperately ill? How could Maude have survived being raped by a hired helper with a screwdriver, without bleeding to death? It became unbelievable to me.

Maude Julien survived horrific abuse by her own parents to become a caring, loving person. She walks away from her parents after figuring out an escape plan. She becomes a psychotherapist, gets married, and has two children.I completely sympathize with Julien, and The Only Girl in The World would make for a great movie, but I’m left wondering if all of these horrible things truly happened. Momzinga.com.

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