Jan 11


ouchWomen are the stronger sex. Women do what men can’t do. We give birth to children. We create lives, while men just have the fun part of making those children. We women are the people that actually have babies/children and we manage to work jobs, clean our homes and for the most part live longer than men.Women form a bond with their children during their pregnancies that men can’t form. Not right away, anyways. But men will form bonds with their kids.

Men have been known to be the stronger sex for hundreds of years. Men must have been  the ones who came up with this information. Men are for the most part stronger– physically than women. Okay fine, men are stronger than women, and usually men are taller than women. But when you come down to it, women are the stronger sex because we can do more than men do. We have children and while we are at home taking care of those children, we think of other things to do also. We manage to start businesses or work on our existing business while taking care of our kids. Yes, men do this too, but I personally think women do this better.

I managed to take care of two kids, one who was home all day, while starting a writing business.I managed to clean the house everyday, take care of my daughter, and set aside time every morning for my writing tasks. It was actually really easy. I gave myself three hours every morning and then got lunch ready for my daughter. After lunch we would read books, go over the alphabet, and her numbers and generally play while at the same time I managed to get some housework in too.

I think it was a sort of ad campaign that men created hundreds of years ago, saying, “We are the stronger sex.Women are the weaker sex.” Which really is not true. Women are the stronger sex, because our bodies can do more than men’s bodies can do. And we can work on businesses while taking care of the kids. Men may be made differently than women, and may be stronger physically, but I truly think women think in a different way than men do, thus making for a stronger person. Momzinga.com.



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