Jan 09

This Might Get a Little Heavy: Both Funny and Depressing At The Same Time(How does that happen?)

(PSSSSTTT—-This Might Get a Little Heavy, should have been named— This May Get a Little Heavy, not might, you know what I mean, right, name the book after Ralphie May.)

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Comedian Ralphie May was a hardworking comedian,( 250 shows a year), but like so many of his hilarious peers, he passed his funny quips onto another world. Without a doubt Ralphie May was funny. May told great stories and had a style all his own. He came off as a regular sounding guy with regular everyday problems—not millionaire woes of big stars.

I was both saddened and impressed while reading This Might Get a Little Heavy, a memoir written by Ralphie May, because soon after writing the book, May died. He mentions his own mortality many times in the book, such as “as God is my witness.” He talks in a funny way about death and how he is one of comedy’s survivors. Well, turns out he isn’t because he died in October of 2017.

I found some of Ralphie May’s stories to be funny and some are depressing.

May talks about a ‘retarded’ kid he becomes friends with who has a major problem of pleasuring himself during school. When he describes what happens is hilarious, but also unreal! (How the teachers dealt with this kid jerking off in class—at school is so funny!)

WE find  May growing up without a Dad and as a poor kid in a small Arkansas town.We learn how May takes charge of his life as a teen heading in the right direction, not the direction his high school wants him to seek. He thinks school is prison and wants out at 16. He talks about how he made it to the big-time, his impressive Netflix run, and what famous people helped him gain his meteoric rise to comedy fame. He mentions a drug problem and his weight problem and how he lost a lot of weight, but not how he was going to keep it off.

At times, Ralphie May, sounded like Ralph Kramden, just by the way he talked. He had what seemed to be a New Jersey accent. even though he grew up in Arkansas. He was originally from Tennessee. What I found really funny and hit home was what he and his wife, Lahna Turner named their two kids— their daughter they named—April June May and their son, August James May. They could have gone with August January May. But you have to admit that is creative and funny.

I admired May for his way of telling jokes about his weight problem during his standup routine and how he did lose a lot of weight—attempting to get healthier. May will be missed by many! Momzinga.com.


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