Jan 08

BRUNCH IS HELL:Hilarious Look AT WHY We HAVE TO Bring Back Dinner Parties!! Absolutely!

she's crabby I started singing Hell is for Children while perusing Brunch is Hell. You remember the song from Pat Benatar that is so sad, and meaningful that she sang way back in the 1980’s? Brunch is Hell is smart, sophisticated, funny, creative, awesome, and just what we need.

We all have to start getting together for dinner parties once again—-no not brunches.  My husband keeps mentioning that he wants to go to Sunday brunch to pig out–which disgusts me. Who wants to get dressed up , eat fatty foods and be back home in ninety minutes feeling overstuffed like an ugly throw pillow? Not me! I remember doing brunch when we first got married, to invite our relatives to be part of our lives, but when my kids were younger, I had to go home feeling fat, gross and tired wanting to have a nap, but unable to because I had to go to work, clean the house and take care of our kids, while someone I know would find the nearest recliner and take a nap!!

Brunch is Hell—once you get past the negating brunch parts is a truly awesome look into why you should have dinner parties. I love Brunch is Hell—because it is true!!

I adore how Brendan Francis Newnam and Rico Gagliano tell readers why we should have dinner parties—to get adults together to have a damn good time, that’s why. No children are allowed—that is one of the first rules of throwing a dinner party. These two guys know what they are talking about, they have a dinner party podcast, after all.

They tell who to invite, how to invite people, who to sit next to whom, what to serve. I adore that Brunch Is Hell even contains cocktail recipes, what subjects to talk about. I love how they say to get rid of all electronic devices for the evening. I completely agree, turn off the damn TV. I do not understand why people invite people over to their homes,  show them to a room with a TV blastingly loud. Why would I want to go to someone’s home to actually talk?

Newnam and Gagliano tell us exactly what food to serve, how to make the night flow with ease, some actual sample topics to talk about. The duo give us jokes to tell, food to serve, how to make small talk, such as a subject no one knows about–“blow-tox.” Read the book and find out! Momzinga.com!

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