Jan 04

THE LAST BLACK UNICORN: Should I Cry Or Should I Laugh, Now?

I literally didn’t know whether to laugh or cry while reading The Last Black Unicorn written by Tiffany Haddish.

Haddish is a seriously funny comedian who talks about her real life issues, and makes them sound funny. I found myself thinking what she says really had to happen because nobody could have made this shit up!

OMG! Tiffany  who was born in 1979 had a really tough, crappy childhood. Her father cut the brake lines to her Mom’s car, trying to cause her mother and her siblings and Tiffany to die. Tiffany discovers this later, while talking to her father, who matter of factly tells her this.  He took out a million dollar insurance policy on his family, obviously being a sociopath, who should be in jail, but Haddish makes it sound funny.

Her Mom ends up a mess—alive, but a mess for many years, as her father simply skips town. What a bastard!!

But Tiffany uses what happens to her to make people laugh. She ends up becoming a poor orphan, who tells jokes about herself at school to get the other kids to laugh at her, not bully her. You see, the kids at school bullied her, besides her mother–when she gets out of the hospital beats Tiffany up, abuses her, while Tiffany does all of the housework, takes care of her siblings. She ends up failing school, doesn’t know how to read, until a 9th grade teacher finally figures it out and mentors Tiffany.

So Tiffany becomes a comedian!

It’s completely unreal how anyone could come out of what happens to Haddish okay, yet telling jokes about her life story, but The Last Black Unicorn is so funny, I had to cover my mouth to not wake up my sleeping hubby. I have to say, I now have a completely new outlook on life, and I will not complain about  trivial things anymore, like cold, winter weather. Momzinga.com!

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